Flag Salute & Invocation by Mimi Ferlin
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Trudy Shuravloff (Whatcom Dream), Alan Archman (?), Tim Brockman (Edward Jones).
Bob encourages ALL OF US to take the membership engagement survey, which takes just 5-10 minutes to take. It is strictly confidential. LINK HERE https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015District5050MemberSurvey
Short Program: Christine gave quick report on last week’s board meeting.
  • District Conference April 30 - May 3 at Tulip Resort and Casino
  • Ciao Thyme dinner for support of our club’s International Projects will be Friday May 8th (time TBA), register and pay in advance with Steve Kimberly, $190/ea;
  • June 2nd lunch meeting and tour at Bellingham Cold Storage;
  • RI World Convention June 6-9 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
April: John Templeton will be hosting a wine & cocktail tastings evening at Fireside Bistro (Sunday April 19th, put it in your calendar, more details soon);
May: CiaoThyme International Committee dinner (5/8, see Steve Kimberly to sign up or more details)
June: Bellingham Bells Baseball with Nick Caples (date TBA)
July: Crab Feed with Eddie (7/16) at Vartanyan Estate Winery, and then Brewers (7/26)
Jill Reid, Glen Groenig and Stowe Talbot went to Blue Skies for Children office for a photo op and a chance to hear how they used our $1500 donation for their shoes program.
Here is a recent article in the magazine/blog "Whatcom Talk" about BBRC's work in the community:
Bucks in the Bay
  • Tim Krell turned 54, went to Whistler, ziplining!
  • Mimi Ferlin back from Palm Springs with daughters and 5 grandkids lots of fun!
  • Jill Reid invite to Blue Skies for Children at 2pm to see the project we helped fund - photo op;
  • Scotty finally made it to see 97 year old dad in Boston;
  • Erik Dyrland for losing his red “new member” ribbon;
  • Stan Dyer with $179!
  • Bill Geyer report on last weekend’s District Training Assembly, kudos to Jim Johnson who did a 15 minute presentation there on the child slavery issue and Rotary.
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Info on ways to support your local police force (Run with the Fuzz this weekend!) and also fines regarding taxes.
Long Program 
Dannon introduced astronaut Captain Wendy Lawrence. Retired Navy helicopter aviator and NASA astronaut.  Spent 50 days in space.  Currently works at Space Camp and Space Center.  Wendy talked about the unique experience of working on the International Space Station (which is over a football field long). Many interesting experiments involving zero gravity: combustion, behavior of fluids, and the human body. Also radiation is a big problem in space. Bone density loss (calcium loss) in space. Can we grow plants in space? 3-D printer will revolutionize life onboard.  The Orion spacecraft was recently successfully launched and orbited around the earth as first step in an eventual flight to Mars (about 2030). Couple good articles today in Bellingham Herald regarding study or possible visit to Mars.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot