21 Bellwether Way Ste 112
Lunch and social start at noon, meeting at 12:30
No RSVP needed
A message from President Lesa.....
Thanks to all that were able to join us for the Changing of the Guard last week. It was a great time had by all. I think it’s such a great thing to be able to Fellowship with one another again!  For this coming year, the Board and I have been talking about all the exciting changes happening with this new year of Imagining Rotary. 
First, if you didn’t already know, the First Women Rotary International President was sworn in for the 2022-2023 year.  Jennifer Jones, is friendly, down to earth and a go getter! I’m really excited for the things she will do with RI this year.  Rotaract is one big change.  She intends on adding a Rotaract Member on most of her RI committees, as they are now a part of Rotary International in their own rights.   At RI in  Houston this year, we saw a lot of young folks who were Rotaract clubs and very excited to be there.  Speaking of RI Houston. What a great event. Every Member who attends comes away with some new knowledge about Rotary, anyone who has the chance to attend, should.
Bill has some great speaker lineups and we hope to do more Fellowship events this year. By the way, if any member has a fellowship idea they would like to share, please contact anyone on the Board.   With all that said, expect a phone call, just to catch up, get your thoughts from me. I will take just a little bit of your time, unless you prefer to talk a lot about Rotary