Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jan 15, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation by Addie Brown
Visiting Rotarians: Kirsten Hunt (from Chicago Title)
Guests: Rebecca Judd (B’ham Public Library), somebody from 2020 Solutions.
Flo on Rotario Dinner-Superbowl Sunday:  Our 1st Dinner Rotario of 2019 will be at Sarah Rothenbuhler’s house for Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 2). Limited spots so contact Anna Williams (  or Flo Simon ( ) SOON! $75/person
Tim McEvoy is hosting a Rotary dinner on St Patricks Day party, stay tuned for details.
Stephanie Sadler resigned from club.
Aaron will be hosting the Charitable Giving committee meeting after lunch.
Eddie will also be hosting a Bloedel Docks project meeting after lunch.
New Member Induction: Bill Gorman introduced our newest member, Molly Visser. She is a realtor with JohnL Scott, with husband raising 4 teenage boys, grew up commercial fishing on Bristol Bay. Welcome, Molly!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Tresha
  • Eddie with update on the Docks fundraising effort;
  • Lance says our club is a great place to get the pulse of the community, he really appreciates it, and a 49th birthday;
  • Mark Turner with procrastination bucks for lighting his business sign, he was spreading the word on Docks project at recent Chamber Breakfast;
  • Scotty with a 75th birthday!
  • Bill Gorman highly recommends “chipping” your pets;
  • John Templeton recommends Taylor Shellfish Farms for oysters they recently remodeled, also Bryant’s house is going on sale this weekend;
  • Addie $ happy to be alive!
  • Karen Burke missed meetings, went to Thailand to participate in friend’s traditional wedding;
  • Wendy Heister accepted position at biotech company here locally, so she’ll be around more often!
  • Brad Cornwell update on project “Ground Floor Project" at the First Congregational Church (, opening today after remodeling the space, temporary housing for local homeless families, thanks to all who contributed;
  • guest Kirsten Hunt with a plug for Bellingham Club’s upcoming fundraiser “Vegas Night” February 9th a, 6-9pm at the Upfront Theatre. Entertainment on two stages, gambling, great food and cocktails. Tickets $100 each and can be purchased at Mt Baker Theatre;
Sergeant at Arms by Steve Swan
Fines for local trivia.
Mike introduced Jolie Rhinehart, manager of Philips 66 refinery.Running the refinery is an extremely difficult and complex task, and potentially dangerous.  Fortunately Philips 66 has a long history of safe working environment. Jolie explained some of how the refinery works.
Compared to the BP facility, Philips 66 is older and smaller in size, but both refine similar products from the same raw crude oil sources (Canadian pipeline, AK North Slope and North Dakota). Philips 66 has about 500 full time employees & contractors onsite, but they hire up when they do upgrades or remodel projects.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot