Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jan 18, 2018
Flag Salute and Invocation by Bob Moles

Visiting Rotarians:  Dale Vondelkerk (Monday Club), Russ and Trecia Stromberg (Kirkland Club)

Guests:  Johnny Dye (Curtis's son), Carrie Dyer (Stans's wife)

Eddie Hansen - Fellowship event proposed: Mt. Baker Theatre, March 10th, 7:30 pm, Gobsmacked Show

Curtis Dye - attended District 5050 Rotary membership class on January 13th

Tony Freeland - volunteered to attend District 5050 grant seminar on February 3rd

Carlye Gillespie - networking lunch at Hearthfire on January 18th

Brad Cornwell - upcoming programs include Recreation Northwest, Unity Care NW, Glassworks, WWU gym tour, fundraising

Business Promo
Andy Clay - shared a joke

Board Meeting
Tim Krell - Club events near end of life. Income declining. Grape and Gourmet needs a makeover.  Move event to Bellingham.  Brewers by the Bay has a year or two left. Needs meaning participation.

Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis Dye - time with son
  • Phil X. Hageman - 13 days in Kona, missile alert
  • John Purdy - trip to San Diego
  • Curtis Smith - 60th wedding anniversary
  • Tonja Myers - son accepted to Stephenwolf Theater Company, daughter lead  in local show
  • Andy Clay - sick after board meeting, did not wash hands
  • Mark Turner - visited Grant's Pass Rotary Club
  • Scotty Scott - 74th birthday bucks
  • Tim Krell - insurance joke
  • Stew Ellison - trip to Texas in ice storm

Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Mark Turner - staying in cheap motels
Curtis Dye - self promoting flyers
Brad Cornwell welcomed Bruce Cox, owner of Bruce Cox Imports.  Keith's business works outside the dealer network.  He joked that architects drive Swedish cars.  He attended Renton Vocational College. He worked for car dealers in Seattle before moving to Bellingham in 1989.  Keith wrote his own business plan. Bank of Bellingham funded his $25,000 business loan. He purchased a building on North State Street.  His business specialized in Volvo cars.  Keith purchased used cars from private parties. Wife washed cars.  Sold his own car. He outsourced his bookkeeping. Fred, a coworker from Import Motors, came to work as a mechanic. Was able to buy his children bikes for Christmas and pay off his  business loan.  He leased more building space. Attended car auctions in Florida. In 2002 joining the "20 Group" of non-competing dealers. In 2005 he incorporated a Dealer Management System.  In 2006 his business grew and purchased the King Frog building.  He renovated the former gas station keeping the 1960s canopy.  He branched out and sells Subaru's and Lexus's.  In 2010 he added an alignment shop.  His current business is in three buildings. His son, who majored in business, is a partner.   
Respectfully submitted, 
Tony Freeland

Stew Ellison wins the raffle.