Flag Salute & Invocation by Glen Groenig
Visiting Rotarians: Mayor Kelli Linville
Guests: Student of the Month guests
Deadline for submitting application and information on a Major Projects is January 31st.
Scotty membership idea: Wearing your Rotary pin during the week outside the club, that will spur conversation and perhaps interest in the club.
President Bill talked about identifying a local, hands-on community project. We will work with our Rotaract club to complete such a s project, and Rotaract will also be applying for RI funding. More news to come.
Student of the Month: Mike Bates introduced this month’s SOM Rachael Campbell (daughter of Jim and Sharon Campbell).  Rachael is a distinguished scholar and star athlete.  Rachael talked about her many volunteer and service projects, including a service trip to Nicaragua last year.  She was very humbled to receive recognition from our club.
Two new applications for membership: Sven Gilkey (Boy Scouts of America, sponsored by Stan Dyer) and Guy Ochiogrosso (Bellingham Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by Bill Gorman).  If any comments or concerns please see President Bill or Membership Committee members Bob Becker or Harold Scott.
John Sleeth says we are still seeking youth (18-25 y.o.) applicants for RYLA.  The site will be on MB Hwy like last year, the date will be May 12-15, 2016. see Website (http://ryla5050.org) or ask Nick Caples / John Sleeth.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Debbie Kiene funny story about 5-year old grandson, update on our exchange student Gio Melley (he has a basketball game tonight 7:15 against rival Sehome!), also fellowship opportunity on Saturday Feb 20th B&G Club - Bourbon Street Bingeaux!
  • Aaron Lemperes proud of seven-year-old daughter who started basketball;
  • Bill Gorman with a Jeron Tilley update;
  • Tim Krell and son up to Grouse Mountain night skiing;
  • Mimi Ferlin about the success of the St. Pauls auction ($300K!);
  • Scot Swanson turned 40, and his 10 year anniversary in Rotary!
  • Bryant Engebretson happy for selling two wine packages (for $8K each!) at St Paul Academy auction, and he is planning on trip with daughter to Romania;
  • Bill Geyer for two successful court cases he was working on.
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Fines regarding auctions, Tim Krell, etc.
Orphalee introduced Mayor Kelli Linville, who was raised in Bellingham, attended BHS and WWU,  served 17 years in Olympia as a senator before returning to Bellingham to serve as Mayor.  
Kelli first talked about the jail:  She acknowledged the current overcrowding and dire need for a new jail facility. But she and many others studied the situation and came to the conclusion that any commitment to new facility should also be accompanied by other non-jail alternatives to the problem; providing jail-alternatives to those who need treatment or help (mentally ill or addicts), but not necessarily jail time. So, new research and proposals are now ongoing for a more holistic solution, i.e. a new more moderately-sized jail plus alternative programs. Already, the Whatcom Sheriff has sent 8 people to Yakima for long-term sentences to relieve pressure on our local facility. Also, now the court has approved EHD (electronic home detention) i.e. home monitoring instead of jail time, contract given to third party monitoring service, and much cheaper than jail time.  We have Mental Health Court now, that is helping too.  
Kelli also talked about housing: Big problem in Bellingham (and almost all West Coast cities) is homelessness. Like the jail issue, this is is a complex problem that needs to be addressed on many levels.  For example one specific thing we need now is a “low barrier” “wet shelter”, i.e. a place for homeless can go to sleep and stay, accessible even if they are not sober - probably should be an existing building where they can go for shelter and get food, away from the parks. Kelli is cautiously optimistic about the new student apartment housing being built, to help free up affordable single-family housing for non-students.  She is working on keeping housing permit costs under control.  Also looking at land supply effect on housing costs.  
Addie wins the raffle.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot