Flag Salute & Invocation by Stowe Talbot
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Heather Wolf, Inge Driskol, Barbara Caravan, Eric Brown and Matt Durand (Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition), and Carlye Gillespie (Archer Halliday)
Thanks to Tonja and her crew for arranging the Rain fellowship event last weekend!
Board meeting Thursday Feb 12 at 4:30 at Talbot/Barkley office, open to all.
Bob Moles and Mike Hammes with a donation request via Celeste Mergens: There is currently a trust being set up to support the Logsdon family (“Logsdon Boys Fund”) to help secure a home in Lynden for this family to move into.  This is a family with 4 kids suffering from PKND Dystonia, and a father with terminal cancer.  For more info call Celeste at 510-9388. 
New Member Induction: Wade Stringfield was introduced by his sponsor Bill Gorman.  Bill first met Wade while both were on board of B&G club.  Wade has a strong history of community service.  He was born and raised on Oahu, then attended University Oklahoma and then moved out to Pac NW.  He is currently loan officer at Coastal Community Bank.  Bill Unrein conducted the honors.
Catherine from CampFire group (Camp Kirby), introduced our Student of the Month, Cheyanne Bennett.  Cheyanne has volunteered hundreds of hours for CampFire Girls and Camp Kirby.  Currently she is working on a project to build a “community garden” at Camp Kirby, with non-invasive native plants.  Cheyanne said she works closely with her mom, credits CampFire Girls with gaining confidence to go out and volunteer for other organizations.
Stan Dyer with a "Wake Up Call" regarding attendance:
"President Bob has suggested that it might be appropriate if I were to remind all of us that ATTENDANCE is part of a Rotary membership, and that a 60% record is the very minimum any member should attend. Fortunately, we have many of our members who exceed that number, and we are appreciative of that.  I personally know that it is difficult at times to take a drive to the meeting oin Tuesday and have lunch - however, it is great to have the fellowship of meeting with one another, getting out of the office (or work!), any being with others who know that it is IMPORTANT to be there. And, the programs have been outstanding.
During the month of January 2015, our club attendance has been for the last three meeting 55, 58 and 41 - our membership is 101 members, and as noted, that does appear too good. Now to bore you with a personal note.  I have been in Rotary for 55 years, and my attendance has been always near 100%. Now that I am retired, that is an easy thing to accomplish; however, during the first 36 years as a Rotarian, I was responsible for  as many as 1,600 employees as the CEO of four different hospitals.  And I know that many of you are involved in your own work, and it is difficult to take time off. All we ask is for you to DO YOUR BEST with your attendance. It will be more than appreciated.
PS - Our district, with 58 clubs BBRC ranks 49th in attendance percentage, with a 54% for the period of July 1 - Dec 31 2014.  Let go for 65% for the next six months!!!
Yours truly,
Stan Dyer - Chief Harasser BBRC"
Business Minute
This week, Patty Leach from Whatcom Museum put in a plug for “Fifth Thursday: Flights 'n' Bites” event at the museum this Thursday 5-7pm.   This is an after-hours social event in honor of January’s celebration of birds and migration mysteries.  This first 5th Thursday of 2015 will feature an “Air France” wine flight — three French wines selected by Vinostrology, chosen for the mysterious way they fly your taste buds to France for under $10. Paired with bites to complement and bird scavenger hunt.  Also the Museum’s recent January art auction made over $106,000!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Gorman for Seahawks this Sunday;
  • Mimi plug for Frank Zurline upcoming trip to Vietnam (info night this Thursday at Bham Travel),also  recent SPA fundraiser raised over $200k;
  • Lance 45 years old;
  • Frank Zurline went to Maui for his birthday last week, bell ringing with Gordon Plume;
  • Bill Geyer went to Mexico last week;
  • Gordon Plume says you need bells for the bell ringing;
  • Orphalee just came back for Guatemala;
  • Frank Chmelik kids returned to college, $35M clean-up project at Port of Bellingham soon;
  • Harte went skiing in Sun Valley;
  • Stephanie Sadler going to Myanmar;
  • Dick Stark for last Seahawks game, and a funny radio story;
  • John Sleeth for birthday!
  • Curtis Dy for upcoming birthday 59!
  • Stan Dyer;
  • Eddie Hansen going to Vegas and then Superbowl;
  • Margarita Vartanyan is just back from Dubai, really appreciates what we have here right at home!
  • Mike Hammes with plug for considering donating to Celeste and her family situation;
  • Bryant Engebretson said he donated a lot to the St Paul’s Auction because both his kids are beneficiaries of the school’s travel programs this year;
  • Michael Reams went to Revelstoke;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Fines for Chuck, Mike Hammes to setting the record straight re. James Street bridge AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!  Seahawks trivia. 
Long Program 
Dannon introduced representatives of Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition (WMBC).  Barbara Caravan (president WMBC), Eric Brown (trail director) and Matt Durand ( former leader of WMBC, and principle at Mount Baker HS).  Mission statement. 7 board members. 
Formerly called WIMPS.  
WMBC are the official “stewards” of Galbraith Mountain. 43 miles of trails.  
Have a big crew of dedicated volunteers.  15 trail-building days a year. 7,000 hours last year were volunteered.  
Barbara talked about WMBC’s education programs and community events.
Mountain bike tourism.
Eric talked about advocacy.  Plans for many trails around Lake Whatcom (Lookout Mountain and Stewart Mountain).   Currently there are no trails on DNR lands here.  
Mountain bike economic benefits: Lots of visitors come to Bellingham for the MB riding here.  Good quality-of-life benefits.  
Their goal is to create such a trail network that will “put us on the map” nationally, like Bend, Boulder or Whistler. 
Funding is needed. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot
Flo wins the raffle