Flag Salute & Invocation by Tim Krell
Visiting Rotarians: Brad Rader
Guests: David and Maureen Cosby (retired), Sean Stimac (Exxell Pacific), Brad’s guest ???, and Kate Aldridge (John Purdie's guest from MBT)
New Member Application: The BBRC board and membership committee have both approved the member application of Sean Stimac.  Sean is a Senior Project Manager at Exxel Pacific in Bellingham. He holds a BS in Construction Management from Washington State University.  Sean is an avid skier, boater and mountain biker.  His sponsor is Josh Barrett. Comments or concerns can be sent to Scotty or President Dannon.
Fellowship events planned:  Hockey on February 4th (see Tim Krell), Tonja/Terri dinner and show in March.
Charitable giving committee still accepting applications, please see Brad Cornwell and Aaron Lempares.
First Thursday Happy Hour this week CANCELLED.
Third Thursday BBRC Networking Lunch January 19 at Anthony's Hearthfire.
BBRC board meeting Thursday Jan 12th at Dannon’s office.
Business Bucket Anecdote by Glenn 
Bucks in the Bay
  • Stan with a joke: What do Jack the Ripper and Winnie the Poo have in common? Their middle name.
  • Curtis Dye great Christmas, new Sonos speakers! 
  • Bryant 14 days skiing at Big White, daughter off to TX for college!
  • Addie Brown missed the holiday meeting;
  • Lesa Boxx also missed holiday meeting , was in ID;
  • Karen Burke moved 90-year-old father to Bellingham over holidays;
  • Bob Moles update on Celeste Mergens and her organization, Days for Girls, which has had great progress and expansion, now in 100 countries!
  • John Sleeth had a successful operation and gave a health update;
  • Curt Smith mixed holiday season with bowl games;
  • Tim Krell up skiing with Mitchell great snow, and some Canucks hockey success finally!
  • Steve Swann with 40th wedding anniversary!
  • Chuck Walter family reunion and disappointing football;
  • Debbie Kiene nice holiday, technology gifts and education.
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for various misdemeanors.
Lesa Boxx introduced Brad Rader, president of Whatcom Family Farmers, a volunteer organization representing the local agriculture community. Brad is a second generation farmer and Rotarian.  Gerald Baron (former BBRC’er!) is on their board and is working on public relations.  whatcomfamilyfarmers.org 
Brad talked about his new organization, WHatcom County Farmers, which strives to be a unified voice for all the agriculture industry in the county.  Their mission is to advocate for the local ag industry, and spread the knowledge of how important agriculture is to our Whatcom economy.   The organization also tries to correct misconceptions and misinformation.  One major issue right now is water rights: water quality, and water access.
Brad referenced a short, but inspirational, Land O’Lakes commercial about famers: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/AmL2/land-olakes-the-farmer 
There are over 1400 famers in the county, 300 of which are full-time.  $200M in revenue.  Dairy, berries and seed potatoes and the biggest segments of the ag community here.  In fact, there are now 94 different types of crops.
1) Dairy:  Whatcom county typically smaller dairy operations (400 cows/ea on average)
2) Berries: There are about 80 farms, 85% of the processed (frozen, etc) come out of Whatcom County.  Blueberries are fastest growing share of the berry harvest;
3) Seed potatoes (about 10,000 acres): They rotate to different land parcels each year.
Local famers are striving to be good local stewards of the environment, and we need to educate the public at land about all the benefits the ag community brings to Whatcom County.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot