Flag Salute & Invocation by John Templeton
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Curtis Dye’s daughter Anna, Michael Tilly (Minuteman Press / Pakmail), Scotty’s guest Wade Stringfield (Loan Officer for Coastal Community Bank), Carlye Gillespie (Archer Halliday)
Board meeting this Thursday 4:30pm at Barkley/Talbot office.
International Projects Committee will meet next Tuesday after lunch.
Reminder:  Our next fellowship event will be “Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles” show at MBT on January 20th at 7:30pm (optional dinner gathering at the Table Restaurant at 6pm):  There are a few tickets still available (at $49 each?).  Send Email to Tonja if you can join.
Bill Geyer with a plug for www.rotarynetworkingplus.com 
Andy Clay recently had surgery and is now in recovery in LA; our thoughts and prayers are with her.
Theme this month: Rotary Awareness
Short program by Brent Walker
Update on the BBRC Foundation:  $287,000 currently in the account.  Where did that sum come from?
  • Over $100K was donated by our members directly;
  • $97K was earned interest;
  • $87K donated by our club.
So far, there has been only one outgoing distribution - $4,000 to NWYS, a year ago.  The decision is to let the sum grow a bit more, but eventually we will start using the earned interest for donations.
Business Minute
This week, Bill Geyer paid his $50 to subject us all to the Ohio State University fight song (they are playing in Monday’s National Championship)!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Lance Calloway woken by 6-year-old son at 5am on Christmas, so he could go outside and ride his new bike! and thank you to Flo (and our police force) for all their service;
  • Harte took holiday trip to Maui, had a 42nd wedding anniversary;
  • Curt Smith commented on Husky news, and a wedding anniversary;
  • Kendall for four members of the forming Rotaract club, but we still need 15 members age 18-30 - so please send potential members her way!
  • Phil X sold his ownership of Pearson! He will finish with the Food Bank project;
  • Frank Chmelik heading out to ongoing education seminar, in Vail CO;
  • Mike Turner kids were home for Xmas, and a couple upcoming weddings;
  • Bob Moles recent trip with his wife and the other partners from Metcalf Hodges;
  • Christine Palmerton for 30th wedding anniversary in Hawaii!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for no Rotary pins, tables w/o women, Bill Geyer, etc.
Long Program 
Dannon introduced our own Celeste Mergens from Days for Girls.
Days for Girls is the story of grass roots projects in Africa and Asia.
“Days for Girls” feminine hygiene kits / menstrual management supplies with reusable cloth, not disposable.
The poverty cycle can be broken if girls can stay in school and not have that be interrupted because of menstrual cycles.
They have started organizing “sewing circles” (small enterprises) where girls learn to make these hygiene kits themselves and sell them, which teaches them the self-confidence to be leaders.  The kits can last three years.
Amazingly, there is actually a need for these feminine hygiene kits in certain parts of the US.
Where does funding come from? From some foundations, and also a lot of grassroots donations and volunteering.
How are new clubs started? (sewing and health circles)? Often by piggybacking with other volunteer groups.  
Marlin Olsen wins the raffle.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot