Flag Salute & Invocation by Jill Reid
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: None
  • District 5050 membership-theme seminars for our area (Area G): Saturday Jan 23 in Burlington.
  • Brad Cornwell update on the Charitable Giving Committee, collected all the applications, will be reviewing them soon.
  • BBRC board meeting next week Jan. 14 Thursday 4:30 pm at the Barkley conf. room.
  • Curtis with update on Gio, who has moved from the Dye’s to Ken Rienschmidt's / Lydia Bennett’s house. His year is going well.  Fellowship event: Friday at 5:30 at Barkley Jalepenos dinner, then go see Gio’s basketball game at Squalicum starting 7pm. 
Business bucket: John Templeton offered to go into your home for free update on estimated value of your house.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Rod Bring for a birthday;
  • Curtis Dye Xmas gift was an awesome wireless SONOS speaker system;
  • Bill Unrein in honor of mother in law who passed in December at age 96;
  • Phil X Hageman trip to CA with grandson to Legoland, in memory of Terry Buzzard;
  • Brad Cornwell two weeks in Spain with family;
  • Bob Moles grandchild #16!
  • Eddie Hansen oldest boy celebrated birthday Xmas eve;
  • Tonja said her relative Nolan passed away and illness;
  • Lance fun watching son learn to ski, Xmas presents;
  • Mark Turner hosted relatives over holidays, skiing, has a “procedure” tomorrow;
  • Debbie Kiene got husband a drone for Xmas;
  • Curtis Dye for Huskies successful weekend beating USC and UCLA;
  • Stan Dyer not sending out birthday cards anymore!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
New Years trivia.
Curt Smith, Orphalee Smith and Lance Calloway talked about the history of the Bellingham Bay Rotary Club. It was launched in 1982 as an offspring from the Bellingham club.  Curtis, Brent, Harte and Bob Moles were among the 36 founding members. The average age was 36, all male.  Orphalee was one of the first two female Whatcom County Rotarians: Mary Robinson joined the Bellingham club, and Orphalee joined Bellingham Bay.  Some of the early fundraisers included the annual rose sale, and the summer block party (with help of chief of police Don Pierce, member). Lance has been here for 20 years, enjoyed both the rose sale and block party fundraisers. He has enjoyed the camaraderie and the connection with so many different people in the club. For Orphalee the youth exchange was an early connection for Rotary; in fact she has hosted 30(!) internationa l exchange students though the years.  Curt told the story of the Peace Arch scale model that traveled between the clubs of District 5050 (both sides of the border) and eventually went missing.  
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot