Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Oct 02, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Andy Clay
Visiting Rotarians: Allen Stockbridge.
Guests: Jeff Hill (new member applicant), Jim Clay (Andy’s husband)
Karen Burke said the International Committee meeting at 5pm tomorrow at the VFW (on State Street) to look at the committee’s plan and budget. Everyone welcome!
Business Bucket: anecdote by Andy 

Bucks in the Bay

  • Tresha about the new construction out at WCC, and spent all weekend helping parents move;
  • Bob Moles was in North CA, a baby shower in Portland, now off to some fishing;
  • John Templeton trip to Spain!
  • Dannon Traxler went to Winthrop with friends, kids, rock climbing and biking;
  • Tim Krell fun group bike ride last weekend;
  • Rod Bring missed meeting went to Europe spectacular weather;
  • Eddie did fishing derby with lots of prizes, and had a very good meeting with Whatcom Water Board about the Bloedel dock project;
  • Bill Geyer his favorite college football teams are both undefeated;

Sergeant at Arms by Bill Geyer

Fines for crabbers, Jeff Clement, and misc. trivia. 


Mike Bates introduced husband and wife team Paul Newman and Arie Lee-Newman, founders of Bija Chocolates, which makes organic direct-trade chocolate bars. The business model attempts to provide a better wage balance between grower, producer, manufacturer and retailer. Bija is based in Bellingham but they currently source their product in Peru and Dominican Republic. They practice “direct trade” (no intermediaries) to buy from and support women-owned cooperatives. Women there (in the DR and Peru) are using their increased revenue to buy and own their own fincas (farms). Typically, the coops are 15 to 20 women partners. Next up for sourcing more chocolate: Honduras and Ecuador.

Paul and Arie were recently featured on network television, and that has led to many new retail orders.

Manufacturing is currently done by a co-packer in North Vancouver, but they are now setting up a facility here in Bellingham, operational by the new year, equipment on order from Italy, location to be determined! 

Sean Stimac wins the raffle!

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Stowe Talbot