Flag Salute & Invocation by Gordon Plume
Visiting Rotarians: Paul Grey (BRC), Jim Blane (WC North)
Guests: Larry McDonald (Lakeway Inn), Kristin Bruce (Terri’s daughter).
Paul Grey announced that the TAG Group will be hosting “Cyber Risk Summit” next Thursday (October 30) all day at WCC.  There will be three separate seminar tracks: one for legal/HR person, another for the COO, and another for the CEO.  Check it out at http://www.tagnw.org/category/tag-news/ 
Curtis Dye and Bryant E with update on G&G wine pre-orders, deadline is today!
Mike Hammes continues to solicit $ donations for the Food Bank turkey drive.
Special board Meeting NEXT Monday 4:30pm at Talbot/Barkley office, all are welcome.
Sarah Rothenbuhler gave update on Rotario Dinners:
  • Come As You Are - Bowling Party & House Tour - Bachman Turner Overdrive Style.  Hosts - Andy Leebron Clay & James Clay.  Thursday, November 13.  12 Guests, 4 spaces available
  • Summer Night Tropical Style @ Browns, mid-July, 2015.  16 Guests, 14 spaces available
  • Red Meat & Red Wine! @ Engebretsons, mid-September, 2015 .  12 Guests, 10 spaces available
  • Hosts & Guests, contact Sarah Rothenbuhler ph. 815-6241 or sarahd@birchequipment.com.  Tickets are $75 pp, checks payable to BBBR, give to Mike Werner or by mail PO Box 32030, B’ham 98228.
Short program on Grape & Gourmet
Flo says we need about 5 more restaurants for G&G.  If you know an owner, please solicit them and let us know!   Christine says we need more tickets sales:  VIP tix will get you in earlier, as well as a special wine tasting selection.
  • G&G Sunday November 2 at Silver Reef.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute - Saturday Nov 22 in Surrey. 
  • Theater Night January 20th at Mount Baker Theater.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Gordon Plume celebrates 36 years with Robin
  • Lance Calloway went with family to San Diego;
  • Mark Turner missed meetings traveling all over the NW;
  • Michael Reams 7 days in the Caribbean celebrating grandma’s 85 birthday!
  • Terri for birthday today!
  • Dannon went to Bob Dylan concert in Seattle;
  • Mike Hammes for turkey drive;
  • John Templeton $150 for birthday and Sarah’s Rotario dinner;
  • Debbie Kiene missed meetings great vacation - Boston up to Salem, MA, through countryside;
  • Paul Grey thanks for our hospitality;
  • Glen Groenig missed meetings accompanying wife to Maui; 
  • Stan and Carrie will be in LA during G&G, sorry!
  • Bill Gorman fabulous time in Palm Springs, also for the YES retreat at Silver Lake last this weekend;
  • Kendall Olson got her ski patrol jacket, husband’s back was cured at Eddie’s!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for Kendall, Stew, Bryant, and John T.
Dannon introduced our speaker, Doug Cole (Next week Mayor Keller, then Bill Detreich).  Came to Bellingham in 1981 to fly for Delta Airlines.  Now retired. “Behind the cockpit door - a jumpseat perspective on flight from SEA to HNL.  Doug gave a detailed narrative on what a pilot does to prepare and fly a big commercial airplane on a 5-hour flight.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot