Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Oct 23, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Bill Geyer
Visiting Rotarians: Julie Johansen,
Guests: Dakota White, Molly Visser (real estate agent with John L Scott) and Chris Vasquez’ wife Debby.
No lunch meeting next week: In lieu of the lunch meeting, we will have a club gathering/social from 5-7pm at The Local (1427 RAILROAD AVE BELLINGHAM, WA). Drop in, stay as long as you want, bring a fiend, spouse, coworker. In addition to enjoying a casual conversation, there are pool tables, darts and more!
Mark your calendars and register online (link below) for the club’s November fellowship event at Uptown Art. You don’t have to be an artist; they will teach us how to paint a picture while we “meet, drink and paint happy!” Cost is $30.00, and our event will run from 5:30-8:30. Beer, wine, ciders and soft drinks can be purchased (our club will provide some food) Space is limited to make sure to register ASAP!
The fundraising committee will be meeting November 15th, 4:30 at Overflow taps in Barkely Village.
Student of the Month
John Purdie introduced our SOM, Mackenzie Hoefer (parents Steve and Kelly). MacKenzie is a senior, taken many AP classes, co-president of the STEM club tutoring elementary school students, a varsity volleyball player, and a member of the Interact club.  She took an inspiring trip to Ecuador during her freshman year, and was inspired to see women running successful businesses there.  She talked about her involvement and activities with the interact club.  She is interested in environmental engineering.  She may apply to Cal Poly or UW for college.
Business Promo Bucket: Eddie and Bill Geyer with an update on the Bloedel dock project.  City Council heard their proposal and approved it. 
Bucks in the Bay
  • Mike update one of his two sons was promoted to director of the outdoor program at College of the Ozarks;
  • Dannon kudos to John Purdie, Eddie and Bill Geyer, trip to Maine with mom to see the fall foliage fun to hang out with her;
  • Tim Krell fun bike ride from Carnation to Snoqualmie, also saw a Canucks game;
  • Pete Ritmueller missed meetings, Cougars ahead the Huskies!
  • Chuck Walter offeres free spots at his table this Saturday Blue Skies auction;
  • Curtis Dye missed meetings while in Italy and Germany saw Gio there and the Melley store;
  • Mark Turner happy bucks for successful remodel project.
Sergeant at Arms by Mark Turner
Fines for misc. vices.
Mike Bates introduced our own Bob Moles.  Bob talked about his first trip in 2003 to Honduras which really opened his eyes to the need for clean drinking water and its important effect on the whole community there. We have proven partners in the local Honduran Rotary club there, and Pure Water for the World.  The main area of our work has been Trojes, Honduras. 
80% of all illness in Honduras is related to bad water.
50,000 children die there each year from waterborne illness.
Biosand water filters: They are now transitioning from supplying concrete to plastic containers for the filters. These filters are the ideal solution for Honduras: No power needed, no moving parts, nothing to break.
Besides the filters, these communities need basic sanitation (latrines), medications and training of the locals. Rotary project targets all these areas.  Dakota White (Bob’s grandson) showed videos and photos from his trip there.
One filter (plus training) costs about $310 each.
Ed Satushek wins the raffle
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