Flag Salute & Invocation by Stew Ellison
Visiting Rotarians: Kelli Linville
Guests:  Susie Landsem (architect), Leslie Ash (Office manager at Associates In Family Medicine), Matt Chapman (just moved back to Bellingham), Josh Barrett (Wells Fargo Financial Advisor).
Tresha update G&G, which takes place THIS SUNDAY. 
Curtis Dye and Bryant E with update on G&G wine pre-orders: 2,600 bottles!
Student of the Month:  Mark Turner introduced Squalicum HS counselor Michelle Nielsen, and SOM Katie Tang.  Katie is an outstanding student who takes many AP classes, does frequent volunteering, and is a student mentor.  She talked about mentoring a freshman this year who had trouble adjusting to high school, but is now doing great.
Upcoming Rotario Dinner:
Come As You Are - Bowling Party & House Tour - Bachman Turner Overdrive Style
Hosts - Andy Leebron Clay & James Clay
Thursday, November 13
12 Guests, 4 spaces available
Short program by Pete Charron on the possibility for us to sponsor a Rotoract club.  This would be new to Bellingham.  Rotoract clubs have members of the age 18-30, meet perhaps twice a month, do their own projects (but less financial commitment than the Rotary club), with our club as their sponsor.  We are all in a position to identify and recruit members to a new Rotaract club.  We’ll need about 10 to start.  
New Member Induction
Mimi is sponsoring Michael Boczek.  Harte Bressler conducted the formalities. Club mentors will be Bob Becker and Frank Zurline.
G&G Sunday November 2 at Silver Reef.
Rotary Leadership Institute - Saturday Nov 22 in Surrey. 
Theater Night January 20th at Mount Baker Theater.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Eddie hunting trip N. Dakota, then a Jimmy Buffet concert in Vegas;
  • Bryant Engebretson
  • Sue Sharp in recognition of Mike Hammes and his work helping with the new non-profit offices in the WA Fed building;
  • Mike Hammes with another plea for turkey drive, recalled recent episode with a homeless man that brought him some empathy and perspective;
  • Tonja Myers plus for a Bellingham HS choir fundraiser this Thursday Oct. 30 at 6:30pm, BHS Commons.  Her son will serve as the emcee for the show.  The choirs will be performing their annual Creepy Cabaret with special guests, the Waldorf Choir. There will be food and a silent auction.
  • Mimi Ferlin thanks Michael Boczek for joining the club, also she is back from two weeks at her condo in La Paz, MX (which will be on offer at the Hospice auction);
  • Curtis for friends who are closing down their longtime business, the Pacific Marine Exchange, there will be an auction on the remaining items from the store on Nov 13th and 14th;
  • Marilyn Olsen back from trip to Great Britain;
  • Stan Dyer reported that Pete Charron just had baby boy!
  • Lesa says daughter is preggers;
  • Donna Edquist with a plug for Hospice auction, and kudos to our SOM Katie Tang;
  • Erik Dylan with a plug for upcoming B&G club fundraiser breakfast on Nov 6th;
  • Brad Cormwell went to conference in New Orleans, reports that it is truly a fun and culturally unique American city;
  • Dannon for a big court case loss, also plug for son in talent show, and for a recent overdue date-night with husband;
  • Mike Bates’ son works for SF Giants and Mike got to see some world series games AND fly with the team to KC!
  • Kendall said she was the one who called in and reported the Samish house fire last weekend ;
Frank Chmelik introduced our speaker, Mayor Kelli Linville, a former State legislator, and now our terrific City mayor.    
  • She just hired a new planning director, Rick Stepler, the planning director of Port Townsend.  He starts Nov. 10th.  He is very excited about the new job and his new city.  He has some good ideas for Samish Way, for example.  
  • Emphasis on customer service at City Hall, using “lean” processes and continuous improvement. 
  • Balance budget for 2015, and close to balanced for 2016.  Strategic investments.  Hired a few more police officers.  City center (downtown) investments.  Social service grants to non-profits.  LIFT funding from State for waterfront development.  $30M/yr in parks and trails, but City struggles with operational funds for parks.  PDA was just shut down, saving the city about $500K/year - internal City department will now continue with the PDA’s work.  She is commissioning a study for siting or remodeling a new library - but any new project (library or other project) will need to pay for itself.  
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot