Flag Salute & Invocation by Stowe Talbot
President Dannon congratulated Jim Johnson for his birthday, and also Sven Gilkey for his Rotary anniversary.
Visiting Rotarians:  Larry Farr (Sunrise Club)
Guests: Three from AAA of WA: Kirk Nelson, Mike Mulligan, Dan Coon.
Dannon related some from our club history from late 1980’s.
Next Thursday 4:30pm Board Meeting at Dannon’s: 2011 Young Street 
Eddie said there will be an upcoming fellowship event October 30 at the Sportsplex.
Carlye said the First Thursday Rotary Happy Hour will be at Hotel Bellwether, this Thursday October 6 at 4:30pm.
Curtis update on Grape & Gourmet:
Sunday 11/6/2016 at Silver Reef Event Center
General admission tickets (6:30-8:30p) $90/each
VIP tickets (5pm-8:30) $125/each (early entry + extra discount in the wine store + exclusive raffle)
This our club’s biggest fundraiser.  Each Rotarian is expected to buy at least $360.
Mike Bates and Debbie Kiene with an update on the Squalicum HS Interact club.
Reminder: The Charitable Giving Committee seeking application for our Charitable Giving funds (10 to 15 donations of $500 - $2,000 each).  Please think of worthy organizations and refer them to Aaron or Brad Cornwell.  The selection process will be January 2017.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon going to legal conference in Walla Walla, may sample some wines there!
  • Steve White with story about his friend from AAA Mike Mulligan (who was in attendance today);
  • John Purdie 24th wedding anniversary!
  • Curtis Dye’s wife Felicity volunteered to help out with District 5050 exchange students’ event last weekend in Coquitlam, while Curtis spent time with daughter.
  • Larry Farr Sunrise with kudos for Mike Hammes for his help with park renovation project with Sunrise club!
  • Debbie Kiene and husband went to Orlando, FL.
  • Frank Zurline glad to be back
  • Bill Gorman’s father in law passed away.
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Gorman
Fines for various misdemeanors.  Election year trivia. 
Trisha introduced Kirk Nelson, President and CEO of AAA Washington.
19 AAA “Travel Stores” across the state.
Largest travel agent in the state.
Also the largest personal line insurance agent in the state.
Kirk talked about distracted driving:  It is any activity that diverts attention away from the driving, including talking, eating, texting, listening audibooks, grooming, pets, etc.  Visual / manual / cognitive.
Teen drivers, 6 out of 10 crashes involved distracted driving.
Mike B wins raffle.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot