Flag Salute and Invocation by Aaron Lemperes
Visiting Rotarians: John Stewart (Monday Club)
  • Sven Gilkey (Boy Scouts of America)
  • Rick Bonier (sp) Jim Johnson’s nephew - a marine biologist from the island of Mauritius visiting with an exchange group Young African Leadership Institute
  • Pete Wolkin (Andy Clay’s son)
  • Alison Zendncik (works with Terry Meyers as a Development/Staff Coordinator)
  • Bob Moles - Jim McCallam (sp) Memorial Fund.  Sue and Mike chose the BTC Dental program to receive the donations.  Fund will remain open for “a little bit longer” for any further donations.  Check for $2,000 was presented to Dean Fulton.
  • Curtis Dye/Bryant Engebretson – Grape & Gourmet wine presale will go from 10/06 – 10/20.  Tasting notes are available, contact Bob Moles or Bryant Engebretson.  Last year 150 cases were sold, the goal this year is 160 cases.  Presale boasts of 30% savings plus no sales tax.  Event is November 1st.  Approximately ½ of the membership have purchased tickets as of 10/6.
  • Oct. 20th Bucks on the Bay will go to the Rotary Interact club – more info to come next week
  • Board meeting 10/8 at the Talbot office
  • Mike Hammes is heading to Honduras soon...
  • District Governor will be in attendance on 10/20.  He will meet with the board at 11:15 and then stay for the meeting.  Rotarians were encouraged to come out in full force on the 20th.  
  • Terry Brown -  Major projects committee will meet directly following the regular meeting on 10/20
  • Stew Ellison - Fellowship tickets to Mt. Baker Theater for $55 are no available for some production or another
  • A sympathy card went around for Gio (the exchange student), his grandfather passed away over the weekend. 
Business Bucket (Bill Geyer standing in for Glen): Chuck Walter presented about Bellingham Publics School Foundation "Hungry Minds Breakfast" on 10/27 @ 8:25, a fundraiser to help public school students (provide supplies, purchase instruments, sponsor student led robot teams, etc.).  Calling for sponsors of the event as well as breakfast attendees.  Sponsorships range from $250, $500, $1000, $2500 with various benefits associate.  
City of Bellingham came through to discuss the progress of the Master Bike plan.  The Bicycle Boulevard Network is up and going to encourage new riders, improve safety, and link all neighborhoods of Bellingham.  We discussed the new shared lane markings and bike box as well as the appropriate protocols are for each instance.  These markings can be seen at several locations around town.  See www.cob.org/bike for more info.
Respectfully submitted,
Wade Stringfield