Flag Salute & Invocation by Bill Geyer
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Michael Boczek (Mimi’s guest), Sven Gilkey (local leader Boy Scouts).
New member application for Michael Boczek was recommended by membership committee, approved by the board, and now goes to general membership for comment
Board Meeting THIS Thursday 4:30pm at Talbot/Barkley office, all are welcome.
Bryant Engebretson and Curtis Dye doing the G&G wine pre-sales.  See Bryant’s list. 4 bottle minimum per wine. Deadline is October 21st to order.  A wine-tasting event will be help THIS Thursday evening 6-8pm at Byant’s house.
Thanks Sarah Rothenbuhler for Monday night's Rotario Dinner.
Calendar items
Grape & Gourmet Nov. 2
Theater night fellowship January 20, 2015
Short program
Jim Johnson gave update on the fight against child slavery.  Problem most acute in Idia and other South Asian countries.  Even in the US there are serious problems, not limited to the Central American illsgal minors coming across the border.  Several organizations to note:
1) Walk Free is an organization out of Australia;
2) International Justice Mission is an operation active in 18 countries around the world;
3) Rotarian Action Group to Fight Child Slavery;
4) Makong Club out of Hong Kong directed efforts at fighting child labor and slavery.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Phil X Hageman just returned from 4 days in San Diego with spouse, saw the Eagles;
  • Bob Becker thanks Bill Gorman for leadership in Rotary PR radio program, Tonja was amazing in Sound of Music, recommends Flo for new White House Secret Service;
  • Scotty for amazing evening at Sarah Rothenbuhler’s house last night;
  • Mike Hammes is spearheading the turkey drive for the Food Bank, and is hoping to provide 2,000 birds for patrons of the Food Bank for Thanksgiving, if you are interested to participate, please make checks to "Bellingham Food Bank" and give them to Mike for collection, THANKS!
  • Terry Brown also had a fun time at Sarah’s beautiful house;
  • Mimi $1000 for turkeys, already sold 12 tickets to G&G, loves Sarah’s house, update on Chuckanut Park District suit;
  • weekend away from babies at Leavenworth (Oktoberfest!);
  • Bill Gorman Whatcom radio hour;
  • Chuck thanks to Sarah R for dinner;
  • Art Runestrandt proud of grandson (last week’s Student of the Month), and wife;
Sergeant at Arms by Barry Kramer
Fines for football fans and misc trivia;
Dannon introduced our speaker, Dr. Deborah Donovan is a professor at WWU in the biology department
Teaches international field course called “Tropical Marine Biology”
Collaborates with University in Baja CA Mexico (La Paz).
UABCS 2800 students.
This is a unique collaborative course, taught by Mexican and US teaches, and is taken by US and Mexican students.
Bja is a desert peninsula surrounded by water.
Sea of Cortez water is much warmer than open Pacific.  Nursery for marine mammals.
The marine field station is just outside of town.
Course outline includes tropical marine habitat, genetics, behavior, conservation.
Course pedagogy is is conducted not by lectures, but by the professors posing questions, and then the students do their own learning by research and study.
Coral reefs and mangroves, marine habitats and taxa.
Cabo Pulmo is an amazing, world class marine preserve - great diving.
Benefits include international travel, lasting friendships, cross cultural knowledge for the students on both sides.
Mr. Krell takes the raffle winnings.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot