Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Oct 09, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Steve Swan
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Ruth Geyer, Wyatt Ship and his mom.
Board meeting this Thursday at RMC 4:00 all welcome.
Happy Hour meeting on October 30th - more detail soon.
Fellowship event (Uptown Art fellowship event late November, stay tuned for exact date and time).
Anna Williams suggests a dinner Rotario (on Super Bowl Sunday) at Sarah Rothenbuhler’s (Flo doing some of the cooking!). More details soon.
Bill Geyer introduced Wyatt Ship, a sophomore at Squalicum HS, who has a project donating books to a school in Africa called Books4Zimbabwe.  Wyatt talked about his community service and using the project to apply for a Congressional Service award. He knew he wanted to do a project in Africa. He met the head of a school there in Zimbabwe, and Wyatt asked him what he needs for his school:  He said soccer equipment and books.  In Zimbabwe, English is the national language, so American books work well.  It will be part of the school's first ever library.  He will do two shipments per year for four years.  He is soliciting book donations, some of which they keep for the Zimbabwe school (“just right books”), the the other books they sell for money to buy more “just right books”. So far, one shipment of 200lbs was sent.  Andy Clay and Bill Geyer took interest in this project may be soliciting a District Grant for raising some money.
Business Bucket: by John Templeton, with update on the local real estate market.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Karen Burke bought a new car - a Honda Pilot! to help carry around her kids.
  • Andy Clay will miss next week;
  • Mike went to scholarship event at BTC, saw several of our BBRC scholarship recipients were there, very impressed with them.
Sergeant at Arms by Mark Turner
Mike Bates introduced Bill Gorman, who talked about our BBRC Foundation.  It was started by John Templeton during his tenure as President of the club (2000). In addition to donations, the club puts in 10% of its yearly proceeds, and also the principle (which is invested in the market) has grown. It’s an endowment fund, so the principal will never be reduced.  Board members now are: Donna Edquist, Bill Gorman, Bill Unrein, Curtis Dye, Tresha Dutton, Brad Cornwell and Tim Krell.  The foundation board decided it will commit to $12K+ or so for next couple years to whatever big project we choose (like Bloedel dock project, or similar). 
Bill also talked about Rotary International’s Foundation. It is now 100 years old, started by Arch Klumph in 1917. One of the earliest and most successful foundations in history. It spends over $300M per year, a third of which goes to Polio Plus (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation matches all Polio Plus donations 2 to 1). The Foundation also supports many other valuable projects: health, immunizations, water&sanitation, Peace Project, working with mothers, etc.
Lastly, as members of Rotary, we all have access to the RI website which has been updated and improved (, so log in and check it out.
Ian McCurdy wins the raffle!
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