Flag Salute & Invocation by Mike Hammes
Visiting Rotarians: Kendall Olson
Guests:  Larrissa Ricker?, Jim Logghe (Banner Bank), Sven Gilkey (BSA Mt. Baker Council).
Next board meeting THIS Thursday Nov. 12th, 4:30pm at Talbot/Barkley office (2200 Rimland, Suite 250), everyone is invited and welcome!
Mike Hammes update on Food Bank turkey drive. Still a few bucks to raise.
President Bill presented Doug Wight ANOTHER Paul Harris award. Congratulations, Doug!  
New member induction: Addie Brown was welcomed into the club by Bill Geyer and John Templeton. Congratulations, Addie!
Business Bucket:  Josh Barrett (Wells Fargo Advisors) says tomorrow evening he is hosting a seminar regarding the new social security rules / retirement planning, contact him if interested!
Bucks in the Bay
  • President Bill happy bucks for success on his Trickle Creek project;
  • Frank Chmelik father passed recently, memorial service last weekend, 
  • Bob Moles sad bucks for passing of Al Froderberg, next Monday going to Honduras with Mike Hammes;
  • John Templeton $100 to Foundation for birthday, celebrated in Cabo San Lucas, saw Eddie there;
  • Lance Calloway thanks to veterans and law enforcement;
  • Steve Swan police ride-along on Halloween evening! Respect and thanks to our police department;
  • Addie Brown work on her condo and excited to become a BBRC member!
  • Dannon Traxler back from exciting solo road trip to CA;
  • Kendall Olson busy with her Rotaract club helping out local charity events, also attended Rotoract conference, if you know of anyone in the target age range who might be interesting in Rotaract please let her know;
  • Tim Krell's father was in town;
  • Andy Clay's firm took over Leopold retirement home management;
  • Eddie was in Cabo had fun;
  • Bryant Engebretson said ski report Big White is opening THIS Friday already!
  • Curtis Dye said his late father was a veteran;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for Steve Swan, Dannon, Mark Turner mistaken for homeless man sweeping up leaves, Stowe's colonoscopy, John Templeton's tan.
Bill Geyer introduced, Kenny Holzemer, director of "Growing Veterans - Sustainable Agriculture"
Kenny's organization helps veterans re-integrate into society.
The mission:  To empower military veterans to grow food, communities, and each other.
The vision: To end the isolation that leads to suicide and to make sustainable agriculture the norm.
The have one farm in Lynden and one in South Skagit County.
Founded by 28-year old Chris Brown, who is a veteran from Irag war who suffered PTSD and brain injuries, studied at WWU after returning from war, and then founded this organization.
There is a need among returning veterans for support systems, opportunities and renewed purpose.
The main problems that the organization addresses: There is a lack of young people going into farmering, there is need to take care of soil (hence organic), and there is a need for jobs among veterans.
The solution: providing veterans camaraderie, new purpose, and peer support.
Become a member or subscribe to their newsletter HERE http://growingveterans.org/login/.
Funding? Grants primarily, but looking for other sources, also expanding farm base;
Primary market for the produce is veterans hospitals (selling to staff there), and also at farmers markets.  But not interested in becoming exclusively “for-profit”.
Stowe wins the raffle!
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot