Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Nov 19, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation by Addie Brown
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  Brett and Debbie VanSteenwyk
Announcements by Mike Bates
Reminder to give to our annual Turkey Drive thru the Bellingham Food Bank.
Thanks Tresha for organizing our BBRC pins and storage files.
Student of the Month
John Purdie introduced our SOM, Pavan Parmar. Pavan is a senior at Squalicum HS, and an outstanding scholar who has had many side jobs and volunteer activities during her four years in high school.  Squalicum councilor Kelly Boyer said Pavin is an inspiration to other students.  Pavan has ambitions to go to college on the East Coast and get a dual bachelor of science and an MBA. After college she's like to work abroad and help disadvantaged people through medicine. Pavin says she feels blessed and grateful for all the support she has received from her parents, friends and Ms. Boyer.  She thanked the club for the award.  Her $100 will go to DVSAS.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Eddie $ for the Food Bank, update on BMI’s “Docks” contract;
  • Carlye Gillespie $ for Food Bank, and enjoyed a 5-course dinner at Bellwether - she had won the dinner raffle at our wine event;
  • John Templeton $ for Food Bank, and Windermere is planning to deliver over 100 boxes to local homeless;
  • Tim Krell attended Dad’s Week at WWU to see his daughter and a football game, “Practice safe eating, always use condiments”
  • Curtis Dye $ for Food Bank;
  • Michael Tilly early Thanksgiving with family in Missouri, deer hunting with son;
  • Brent Walker trip to CA, attended high-scoring football game LSU vs Mississippi;
  • Bill Gorman grateful for trip to Palm Springs;
Sergeant at Arms by Lesa 
Fines for misc. sins, and trivia about Lesa.
New Member Inductions
Bill Geyer introduced and inducted our new member Brett VanSteenwyk. He and his wife Debbie, also a Rotarian, split their time between Bellingham and Paso Robles, CA.
Raffle won by Mike Bates.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot