Flag Salute & Invocation
Visiting Rotarians: Bruce Clawson and Laurie Levitt
Guests: Sean Stimac (Project Manager at Exxel Pacific), Shawna and Anika
Dannon announced Stowe’s birthday (Saturday) and Rotary anniversaries of Steve White and Addie Brown.
Mike Hammes still collecting funds for the Food Bank’s Thanksgiving Turkey Drive.
First Thursday Happy Hour December 1, 4:30pm at the Lighthouse Grill (Hotel Bellwether)
Third Thursday BBRC Networking Lunch December 15, noon Anthony's Hearthfire.
Student of the Month: Vivian Hua (her parents are Pam and Hon) is president of Squalicum’s Interact Club. She has a 4.0 grade point average, takes 12 AP classes, and has logged over 350 hours volunteer time! Vivian said she was interested in becoming an engineer someday. She is applying to study at either UW, UC Berkley or USC.
Business Bucket by Bryant Engebretson, who talked about hiring a new chief investment officer, Peter Nielsen, for his firm.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon had a great time in London with sisters and mom for mom’s birthday, also last Sunday saw Taj Mahal at Jazz Alley in Seattle with Curtis and Felicity;
  • Bill Geyer reported that Tony Freeland had triple bypass heart surgery last week, Tony's now on the slow road to recovery, please drop him a card!
  • Curtis Dye enjoyed the Taj Mahal jazz concert in Seattle;
  • Lance Calloway thanks Tim McEvoy for donation, also an Apple Cup / WSU joke;
  • Steve Swan said the theme song for an upcoming Hollywood Christmas movie was composed by a current Western student;
  • Steve White said AAA of Washington is looking for a local Whatcom County woman to serve on their board, also Steve endured a visit to the new Costco;
  • Bryant’s daughter turned 18, Engebretsons will celebrate Thanksgiving at Big White with relatives;
  • Bob Becker heading out to Palm Springs for the winter, also visited Art Runestrandt recently;
  • Karen Burke back from first visit to Hawaii and loved it!
  • Scotty $150 for Food Bank;
  • Debbie Kiene kudos to Vivian and the Interact Club (60+ members) for their volunteer activities, also recent visit to Abbotsford for music concert with friends;
  • Mimi Ferlin was in desert for two weeks, they are selling their condo in LaPaz;
  • John Sleeth giving away his grand piano if someone wants it!
  • Pete Wolkins had party at his house last week, and he advises us all to wash hands regularly to avoid illnesses this season!
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Fines for various misdemeanors.
Dannon Traxler introduced Andrea Sturm, CEO of Samson Rope (http://www.samsonrope.com), one of Whatcom County’s most successful manufacturing companies.  Samson is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance ropes.  Andrea comes to Samson with a strong background in international business management, new product development, and marketing and sales. She is originally from Germany, but has studied and worked in France and the Netherlands as well.  Fluent in German, English, Dutch and French, she brings a true global perspective to Samson. Andrea holds degrees in Business Administration, International Management, and Marketing.  Andrea most recently worked at Sonicare and Fluke before joining Samson as President and CEO last year.  Samson currently has $90M in revenue. 
Company Vision
To be the world’s leading provider of high performance synthetic rope.
To bring value to customers by providing solutions: They will achieve this by consultation, innovation, engineering, and service, supported by Lean practices, marketing the Samson brand as the premiere symbol of high performance.
Samson started in the fishing industry in 1883 (and the company holds the oldest active trademark in the US!).  The company expanded its product line over the years and now sells rope in various industries including marine towing, cranes, arborists, etc. They have a growing international market share.  
Andrea recommended Facebook’s CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In”, as well as Sandberg’s Ted Talk.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot