Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Nov 28, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Steve Swan
Visiting Rotarians: Del Vanderkirk (Monday Club)
Guests: Sean Cool (Geo Engineers), Gordon Buchet (friend of Curtis), Anika Palmerton, Chris Vasques (friend of Sven Gilkey).
President Curtis related that Byron Elmendorf (former BBRC’er and former COB Parks Director) recently passed away (  Phil Hageman talked a bit about Byron’s unique and endearing personality. 
Curtis made a motion to nominate Bill Gorman for DG of District 5050. Motion carried!
New member application:  Sean Cool works at Geo Engineers, he is sponsored by Brad Cornwell, his classification would be engineer, he is interested in serving on the BBRC community service committee.  Please address any comments or concerns to President Curtis Dye, Scotty or Rod Bring.
Student of the Month: Mike Bates introduced our SOM, Marina Purdie, daughter of John and Linda Purdie.  In academics, Marina has taken almost all AP classes that she can at Squalicum HS.  She has served a long list of organizational roles including ASB President.  She’s also done much volunteer work for school societies and church activities.  Squalicum student advisor Aramis Johnson praised Marina for her great charter and can-do attitude.  Marina thanked the club and said she really values community service.  She plans to attend a 4-year college (maybe San Diego State or WSU?) to study hospitality management.
Business Promo minute: John Templeton remarked that there are currently only 690 listings in Whatcom county and 950 registered realtors…!  And then Mimi announced she and John will be building some more storage units on a property they just acquired on Iowa Street just across from their Brooks Lumber facility.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis had a nice Thanksgiving holiday at home;
  • Tresha a recent cataract surgery;
  • Phil X Hageman is celebrating his 28th year anniversary of Rotary today;
  • Bill Gorman thanks us for the endorsement, and a reminder on the power of Rotary;
  • Bill Cornwell’s daughters were home for the holidays;
  • Dannon had lovely Thanksgiving home with the kids and parents;
  • Steve Swan attended amazing Portland basketball series over the holiday with the extended family;
  • John Purdie thanks wife and daughter, and still no wedding date set for the other daughter;
  • Curt Smith with a funny Elmendorf story;
  • Jim Logghe missed meetings, news on his kids;
  • Tonja Myers missed meeting, today is the big roll-out of a big new regulatory change;
  • Bob Becker with some remembrance bucks for Byron Elmendorf, and Husky bucks;
  • Mark Turner thankful for a Thanksgiving family gathering at the house;
Sergeant at Arms by Mark Turner 
Misc. fines related to beer and rain.
Brad Cornwell welcomed “brew owner” Chad Kuehl from Wander Brewing (  The brewery was founded by him and his wife Colleen in 2013.  Now a staff of 13, distributes in WA and ID.  Their brew hall is open to public 7 days a week.  Wander produces 2,100 barrels per year.  Chad and wife founded the brewery out of their own personal savings, deciding to move to Bellingham from Seattle after a long search for the perfect mid-sized town. Prior to the move to Bellingham, both Chad and his wife worked at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, while also moonlighting in a Ballard brewery to start to learn the craft.  The brewhouse was designed and fabricated by Marks Design in Vancouver, WA. Wander advertise only by word of mouth and by their philanthropic activity and donations.  There are 12 breweries in Bellingham now!  Sales distribution consists of 
  • brew hall (35%), 
  • Whatcom county (35%) 
  • the rest is sold in WA and ID.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot