Flag Salute & Invocation by Mimi Ferlin
Visiting Rotarians: Tom Roche (Kenmore club)
Guests: None
Tresha and Christine with results from G&G:  No $ numbers yet, but probably will be our most successful event yet.  Thank you’s to many people who chipped in and worked their tails off.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute - Saturday Nov 22 in Surrey;
  • First meeting in December is our annual meeting to elect our board officers;
  • Theater Night January 20th at Mount Baker Theater.
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Geyer
Fines for non-voters, trivia on elections.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon had a fab time at G&G;
  • Steve White' wife off to CA;
  • Stephanie Sadler proud bucks for grandson Mitchell, an outstanding student who is applying to MIT!
  • Curt Smith's wife artificial hip replaced! Sorry to miss G&G;
  • Bill Geyer with grandkids for Halloween;
  • Bill Gorman happy bucks for Tresha and Christine for G&G!
  • Andy Clay missed meetings, happy bucks oldest son earning ship captain’s license, and granddaughter turned 21!
  • Scotty sorry to miss G&G, was on a trip to French Polynesia! Encourage everyone to find new member applicants!
  • Nick Caples happy bucks for G&G, enjoyed taking on more responsibility this year, Pooh Bear costume, Coug football season NOT going well.
  • Mark Turner went to Snoqualmie for mushroom hunting with the new in-laws, lots of mushrooms found!
  • Lance Calloway G&G really well organized, recomends trick or treating in Eaglemont neighborhood;
  • Jill Reid with a harrowing Sunday (husband had mountain bike accident), but great G&G event;
  • Jim Johnson’s wife had a great time at G&G, now he is heading off to Philippines for the International Justice Mission, then on to Thailand for RI slavery work, see you all in December!
  • Terry Brown didn’t make to G&G, sad for Cougars;
  • Steve Beringer also sad about Cougs’ quarterback injury;
  • Christine thanked Andy Clay, Glendine, Mark Turner for G&G efforts!
  • Tim Krell turkey $, son now 17 and will be working at Mt Baker Ski Area this winter;
  • Kendall enjoyed G&G with husband, new Kate Spade dress, now has 2 coworkers, will be moving office soon, recent $100K in copier deliveries, and will soon be responsible for the Skagit County sales area;
  • Bob Becker went to Maui recently and escaped Hurricane Anna;
  • Harte Bressler went to raceway school fun on the track;
  • Dick Stark missed G&G on the Big Island, recommends Lava Lava Beach Club http://lavalavabeachclub.com;
  • Phil X 58th birthday, proud of grandson José;
  • Curtis Dye says roof trusses going up today on his new house, and thanks to his G&G teammates;
  • Stew Ellison birthday, born in 57 and he is now 57!
  • Michael Boczek enjoyed his first G&G, and told a story that started out about orange shoes and ended up about something that either points down at your shoes or up at an umbrella (uh, don’t ask, you had to be there);
  • Steve Kimberly went fishing, proud his son (president of ImCo) just landed a $120M contract!
  • Mimi's daughter turn 40, and had fun hosting the grandkids over Halloween.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot