Flag Salute & Invocation by Jill Reid
Visiting Rotarians / Guests: None
Field trip tour of the B&G Club NEXT WEEK Tuesday Dec 8th!  Interactive tour of the building and programs.
John Templeton (jtemp@aol.com) says our exchange student, Gio, has made the Squalicum varsity basketball team! But this means he will need assistance getting to and from practice, on most weekdays he needs to be picked up at 5:15. Some days he has BOTH practice and a game! When there is a game, he needs drop off and pick up.  Specifically we are looking for Rotary Members to select one week this season and commit to pick up and drop off. His host family, the Dyes, can always be a backup if you have a specific conflict on a particular day/time. Please contact John for more details.
Bob Moles says there will be a PAST PRESIDENTS meeting (potluck! please bring a dish) this Thursday, 5:30pm at Orphalee’s house, 413 Ridgeway Drive.
Business Bucket: Donna Edquist talked about her company, Applied Digital Imaging, which does a lot of point-of-sales projects for retailers. Like Haggen. Although they are going through a rough patch, please support Haggen and their employees!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for Bill Gorman, the Walker brothers, Stew Ellison.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Pete Rittmueller says he has had a very busy November with work, also travelled a lot, visited grandson;
  • Curtis Dye visited mother near Chicago, she is 96 and doing well;
  • Bill Gorman’s son helped the Gorman's host 14 for Thanksgiving, wife Taimi helped put the wonderful article and photo (about BBRC and its good work) in the Herald last week, and congrats Gio for basketball success and taking the homecoming queen to prom;
  • Ed Satuchek was in New Orleans to see daughter’s get married, traveled Gulf Coast;
  • John Templeton talked about the recent passing of a big benefactor to the Hospital;
  • Bob Moles kudos to the Dyes for all they do for Rotary;
  • Eddie was at Sun Peaks had fun skiing with kids and wife, Rhonda’s back is much improved!
  • Stew Ellison trip to MX, and strange to not have kids at Thanksgiving!
  • Mike Hammes said $32K was raised for the turkey drive;
  • Dannon Traxler agreed to host all of husband’s bachelor friends for Thanksgiving, but it turned out great, then sunny weekend on the water;
  • Paul Twedt has a new method to clear his ears on airplane flights;
  • Jim Johnson heading to CA to see kids, then spend winter in Indio - adios until April!
Curtis Dye introduced Thom Mayes and Yaniv Attar from the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra, which is celebrating its 40-year anniversary.  WSO is comprised of over 80 volunteer musicians, including local music teachers, active and retired professional musicians, and talented community members from all backgrounds. The orchestra performs seven concerts annually at the Mount Baker Theatre, as well as performing a free family concert and providing many educational programs throughout Whatcom County.  WSO brings value to Bellingham:  It is for all ages, creates community, brings tourism, collaborates with other arts organizations, and supports arts education
Since 2013, the symphony has been under the musical direction of conductor Yaniv Attar. A native of Israel, Attar is not only an accomplished classical guitarist (Julliard School in NYC), but also multi award-winning conductor.  Attar was one of 10 conductors from around the world who were invited to INTERACTION, and conducted an orchestra composed of all of Germany’s top orchestras, including the Berliner Philharmoniker, Konzerthaus Orchestra, German Symphony Orchestra, and the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin. Most recently, Attar completed his two years residency as the Assistant Conductor of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  http://www.yanivattar.com 
Don’t forget to come to WSO’s Annual Holiday concert, ’Ham for the Holidays:
Bellingham Children's Choir and other special guests and surprises 
Sunday, December 6, 2015 - 3:00pm at the Mount Baker Theatre
The symphony is joined by perennial favorite, the Bellingham Children's Choir performing seasonal music, including tunes by local arranger Scott Henderson.  Don't miss this quintessential holiday experience for the entire family!
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot