Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Dec 11, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Steve Beringer
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Hillary Engebretson, Molly Visser, Ken Kester
Board meeting this Thursday at RMC 4:30 pm all are welcome.
Dannon said please everyone sign up for invocation, SAA and raffle duty for 2019.
Chaitable giving committee deadline is approaching please get the word out, then Jan 15 the committee will meet and decide on$ allocations.
Flo: Dinner Rotario @ Sarah Rothenbuhler’s house for Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 2, $75/person, see Flo, only 16 spots left!
Tuesday Dec 18, Ugly Sweater holiday lunch celebration - bring the family!  We will spend this meeting in conversation with one another, while enjoying the Squalicum Storm Singers. Prizes will be given for ugliest sweaters, so dig out your hideous holiday attire and wear it proudly! Families not only welcomed but encouraged.
The club's fundraising committee will meet on Tuesday, December 18th @ 4:30 to discuss our fundraising events this year.  Location at the VFW.  All are welcome and needed!
Paul Harris (plus one) pin awarded to Bryant Engebretson!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Chuck Walter for his Alma Mater Ohio State, and he related the story of the difficult effort he and local leaders undertook to fund the Arne Hanna aquatic center 25+ years ago - so kudos to Eddie and Bill Geyer  for the docks project!
  • John Templeton back from Cabo;
  • Dannon back from fabulous trip to Hawaii;
  • Bob Moles back from Kauai, attended Princeville RC;
  • Erika Buse's daughter won't let her lie about her age!
  • Eddie with plea for $ for the docks project;
  • Bryant for missed meetings, update on his new house project.
  • Stew back from Costa Rica, fishing, motocycling, golfing.
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Geyer
Fines for football trivia.
Mike Bates introduced Kimberly Reeves (a professor of biology at WCC, and a writer-advocate for autism-related projects and awareness) and her son Ryan Cunningham.
Kimberly and Ryan read from their own book “Raising Ryan and Living with Autism”. (
Kimberly referenced a Bellingham Public Schools program in which Ryan is enrolled called Community Transitions  
Some typical features of autistic people:
Self-stimulating behavior and "tics" - which they do to focus their attention away from too much stimulation.
“Scripting” or repeating a phrase or sentence - which they often do in order to learn through repetition.
“Comorbidity” - the simultaneous presence of two or more chronic conditions in a patient.
Prevalence of autism:  2.5% of kids born in US are “diagnosed” with autism, but actual might be higher. It is four times more common in boys, but maybe girls can hide it better.
Bellingham School District serves 11,000 students, of which 1,500 have IEP’s (individual educational plan), and a couple hundred of those might be autistic kids.
Half of all autistic adults are unemployed, but they are very smart and often skilled. It is a missed opportunity for the workforce. They are good especially at repetitive tasks. Autistics often work best when the tasks are consistent routines, with very set, understandable instructions. They need more time to process info, and understand better with direct language and less idioms or slang. 
Cascade Vocational (and two other local programs) try to employ developmentally disabled people.
Please consider hiring someone with autism.
Erika Buse wins the raffle!
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot