Flag Salute & Invocation by Glen Groenig

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests: None

New Member application: The membership committee and board have both endorsed the application of Josh Barrett, a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors.  His classification would be "Financial Advisor" and his sponsor is Lance Calloway.  This is the final notice. Please send any comments or concerns to Harold Scott or President Bob Moles.

December 20 most likely will be the date for Bell Ringing for Salvation Army.  Please mark your calendars; more details will be forthcoming soon.

Pesident Bob Moles announced the proposed slate of BBRC Rotary officers for 2015-16 for the election next week:
Dannon Traxler - President Elect
Bob Moles - Past President
Curtis Dye - Program Chair
Stowe Talbot - Secretary
Mike Werner - Treasurer
Mike Hammes - Director
Flo Simon - Director
(Terry Brown and Glen Groenig will be serving the second year of their two-year terms)

Short Program: Mike Werner gave a quick recap of issues discussed at our last (November) board of directors meeting.  All are welcome to these meetings, which take place every second Thursday at 4:30pm at the Talbot/Barkley Company office.  Next meeting will be Thursday December 11th.

Anna Williams presented five Paul Harris awards to Sue Sharp, Sarah Rothenbuhler, Brent Walker, Bill Unrein and Curtis Dye.
Sergeant at Arms by Barry Kramer

Bucks in the Bay
• Terry Brown for week in Phoenix;
• Barry Kramer for the importance of Polio Plus especially in places like Pakistan;
• Phil X for Thanksgiving on Orcas Island;
• Eddie added another office in Everett and Anacortes;
• Jim Haupt Hotel Bellwether served a lot of people on turkey drive;
• Bob Becker heading south tomorrow for five months of snowbirding!
• Jill Reid’s husband’s ACL surgery was successful!
• Lesa Boxx trip to Idaho for Thanksgiving, and upcoming cruise in Caribbean;
• Mike Hammes with turkey update: 61 people participated and 2,000 birds were donated; looking for ways to keep the generosity going into the rest of the year;
• Curtis with update on his house construction;
• Margarita missed meetings during the wine season;
• Harte Bressler road trip to Eastern WA for son to participate in national cyclocross championship race there, where he placed third in the top non-professional division!
• Mimi Ferlin with various bits of good news;
• Patricia Leach;
• Stan Dyer;
• Mark Turner Thanksgiving at home with relatives - instead of turkey they did a northwest theme dinner with salmon, kale salad, blackberry pie!
• Glen Groenig;

Club Assembly 

Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot