Flag Salute & Invocation by Mimi Ferlin
Visiting Rotarians: Bryan Hennessy (Anacortes RC)
Guests: Sean Stimac (Project Manager at Exxel Pacific)
Dannon related more from the history of the club during1993-94.  
Happy birthday Henry Lee and Nick Caples.
December 20th BBRC Tuesday lunch will be holiday celebration, please bring your family!  NO MEETING DEC 27th!
Fellowship events:  Pub crawl in January, Hockey in February, Tonja/Terri organizing dinner and show for March.
Board meeting this Thursday 4:30pm Dec 8 2011 Young Street.
Charitable Giving Committee accepting applications.
Third Thursday BBRC Networking Lunch December 15, noon Anthony's Hearthfire.
Business Bucket anecdote by Glenn.
Member of the Month for November was awarded to John Purdie!  Special thanks to John for all his involvement and service to our club.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon happy bucks via Anna Dye;
  • Phil X Hageman broken oven;
  • Tresha Dutton Husky bucks;
  • Curtis Dye misc. happy bucks;
  • Mimi Ferlin three grandkids in the local Nutcracker this weekend!
  • Bryan Hennessy with a plug for an upcoming fundraiser in Seattle benefitting Opal House (http://opalhouse.org) - a refuge house and farm for impoverished children in Guatemala - the fundraiser will take place on January 6th at Sea Star Restaurant, chef John Howie, ticket $125 / each;
  • Stephanie Sadler proud bucks for her son's achievements!
  • Allen Stockbridge’s cousin’s godfather was Fidel Castro!
  • Mark Turner’s granddaughter was born!
  • John Purdie's daughter went wedding dress shopping!
  • Lane Calloway’s Whatcom Sports was awarded tourism business of the year!
  • Glen Groenig running three UPS stores, going crazy this time of year;
  • Erik Dyrland’s daughter received merit scholarship, son going to aero-space engineering school in AZ, brother-in-law one of the architects for the new museum at Statue of Liberty!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Fines for misc., and a moment of silence for the slain officer in Tacoma.
Flo Simon and Stowe Talbot talked about their careers and how they took advantage of opportunities they overcame challenges in their lives.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot