Flag Salute & Invocation by Stowe Talbot
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Andy Anderson, YES participants Alisa Owen and Jaren Tilley.
Glen reminded us that the next club volunteer opportunity will be “Stop Hunger Now”, Saturday Feb 27th starts at 9am, at St Lukes Community Health Center 3333 Squalicum Pkwy.  We will be packing up some 20,000 meals to be shipped to several international destinations. For more info, see http://events.stophungernow.org/Bellingham or Email lisa.saar04@gmail.com .
Bill Gorman introduced two (of the four) members of this year's Rotary YES team (Youth Engaged in Service): Alisa Owen and Jaren Tilley.  The YES team will be traveling to Honduras in July for a hands-on project.  Jaren talked about what projects they might build there (play structure, latrines, etc.). They are raising funds for their travel expenses and for the project.  Alisa talked about their recently attending a very informative and rewarding YAIL event (http://yail.org) in Canada a couple weeks ago. 
Rotaract Club (Kendall) will be applying for an RI grant to fund an event later this year to help get the word out to young people in Whatcom County about Rotary.  The Rotaracters are also spearheading an effort to identify hands-on community projects that our two clubs can do jointly.
Board meeting report:  There are four submittals for our “Major Capital Project”.  The board in now vetting them; research will continue with interviews of the candidate organizations. Stay tuned.
After serving for the last six years as BBRC's secretary, Stowe Talbot will be rotating off the position later in 2016.  We will need a replacement for this important job.  If you have interest, please see Bill or Stowe!
Brad Cornwell with an update on small donations allocations (15 organizations submitted proposals, for a total avaailable purse of $18,000). Stay tuned.
If you gave money to our BBRC Foundation in 2015, see Brent for a copy of receipt for tax purposes.  
Business Bucket: Glen Groenig with some humor.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Gorman remembering Justice Scalia and THE importance of our US constitution and the rule of law;
  • Harte Bressler with a plug for an upcoming free retirement planning seminar next Wednesday at BCGG, see him for details;
  • Mimi is off for a week in the desert, and then to Mexico, and thanks to Mark Turner for excellent family photos!
  • Tim Krell week at Whistler, couple days of complete white-out conditions there;
  • Paul Twedt also with plug for the upcoming seminar which will be jointly sponsored by Peacehealth, Northwestern Mutual and Metcalf Hodges; 
  • Michael Tilley with the clarification that Jaren is his son;
  • Mark Turner enjoyed photographing the Ferlin family;
  • Dean Fulton has tix to Springsteen!
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Fines for Stowe’s table, Carlye is now DISTRICT 5050 treasurer! Fines for everyone who has been to warm climes in the last month.
Bill Unrein introduced Bruce Shepard, President of Western Washington University since 2008.  Before WWU, Bruce was chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay from 2001-2008, before that provost at Eastern Oregon University, and before that he spent 23 years at OSU.  Bruce also has served as a visiting scientist at the Population Study Center in Seattle, and as a policy analyst for the USDA Forest Service.
Bruce talked about the political climate on college campuses like WWU now; he feels we are going through a period of fear of free speech; many people on all ends of the political spectrum not wanting to hear opposing points of view.  More “empathy” is what is needed: The ability to picture yourself in other peoples’ shoes and to see the world from their point of view. 
Bruce is proud of the growing diversity of the student body, faculty and staff.
He is proud of new initiatives like the “Salish Sea Institute”.  
Another new initiative is the unique management studies program on the Green Economy that is a collaboration between the CBE (college of business and economics), Huxley College and CST (college of science and engineering).  
There is now a promising, ongoing student project to design and build a solar window.
Capital projects: WWU not planning to get any bigger. New residence hall? Possibly, because there is a big unmet demand for on-campus housing, especially for first-year students.  Carver Gym is currently under reconstruction after many years of trying to get State funding.  $70M construction cost; it will be a great addition to the campus.
Bruce feels the greatest strength of WWU is its reputation for its quality of education.  He sees the greatest challenge is the cost of running a university without raising the tuition; the challenge of access to higher education for those from lower income families.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot