Posted by Inga Drechsel on Feb 19, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation - Inga Drechsel
Visiting Rotarians - Allen Stockbridge 
Rotaract Fundraiser for Guatemala this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Overflow Taps in Barkley
Rotario Dinner - Tim McEvoy is hosting a St Patty’s Day dinner on March 16th.  Please contact Anna for details.
Brewer’s By the Bay - New date tentatively set for May 18. Date may need to change to May 11 based on a competing event. Stay tuned!
Docks for Kids - can use more members if anyone is interested. Bill Geyer will update via email with project progress.
Animals as Natural Therapy - email list circulated if interested in hearing more and staying informed.
Business Promo: Stew Ellison - UBS has a great rate on a CD right now - see him for more details.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Tresha - prayed too hard for snow last week
  • John Templeton - trip to Kauai
  • Lance Calloway - Son made money shoveling snow; trip to Phoenix
  • Bill Geyer - Docks for Kids
  • Brad Cornwell - Rotary Grant conference with several other Rotarians - John Purdie & Allan Stockbridge
  • Mark Turner - wonderful weekend at a Gay Men’s Retreat
  • Pete R - wedding anniversary and trip
  • Tim Krell - 25th Wedding Anniversary and Colorado trip
  • Sven Gilkey - Boy Scouts trip to San Diego, new ladies scout troop
Sergeant at Arms by Lisa Boxx:  fines & snow trivia.
Sonja Wingard from Animals as Natural Therapy.  Sonja started the non-profit program in 1999 after her career in public health and nursing exposed her to the need for additional support for at-risk children. Animals for therapy has become more mainstream as therapy as many studies have shown the scientific benefits from humans interacting with animals (lower cortisol and increased oxytocin levels).
Sonja shared several powerful stories of children helped over the years, and how horses in particular provide honest feedback without guilt or shame. Through individual therapy, after school programs, summer camps, and other work, the animals provide connection, confidence building, and healing for clients including children, young adults, veterans, and senior citizens.
Sonja shared how Rotary grants have helped provide various programs in the past such as in 2014 the program for girls who are Level 2 offenders (typically have a mental health diagnosis, addiction, and/or have been trafficked). Also in 2011 the High School bridges program, and others. She shared several stories of young people who have strong support in their lives with ANT programs.
Sonja suggested all Rotarians come to the farm for a tour, please call first! She would love to share with us. She described some of the Anti-Bullying work they have done in the past, and they will be pursuing this further along with looking for more funding. In the summer there is an event at the farm called “Blessing of the Animals” that is very powerful.
Raffle won by Ian McCurdy
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