Flag Salute & Invocation by Bill Gorman 
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests:  Alan Awkman (?), Max Collins.
Short Program by Brad Cornwell who talked about the work of the Charitable Giving Committee.  Thanks to the committee for the work developing the guideline and evaluating the applications.  This year, we had reached out to former applicants, as well as a few new organizations.  We received 31 applications asking for $64K.  Those applications were whittled down to 13 applications and $17.5K.  We focussed on local orgs with proven track record, where money would go toward a tangible goal.  Thank you, Brad and the CG Committee! 
Student of the Month
Mike Bates introduced Sarah Byron as our SOM.  She is a very self-directed, focussed straight-A student, a tennis award winner, with a strong record of volunteering.  For example last summer she volunteered 4 weeks in Botswana with an AIDS research group.  She has an interest in pursuing studies in the bio-medical field.  She was also a leading member Squalicum’s state-winning championship soccer team.  She spent last summer at tennis camp volunteering and teaching younger kids.  Her father is Steve Byron and her grandfather Arnold Byron.
Business Minute
This week, Margarita Vartanya talked about her winery, Vartanyan Estate Winery, which will be increasing it production this summer.  She is also grateful for the recent article in Bellingham Alive called “Remarkable Vartanyan Winery”.  Margarita welcomes everyone out to her winery for Friday Nights tastings and concerts at the winery.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Harte Bressler in memory of one of his favorite teachers who recently passed;
  • Curtis Dye weekend in Vancouver to attend a Cooking Channel show featuring Alton Brown;
  • Arnold Byron thanked club for honoring his granddaughter Sarah;
  • Curtis Dye said “70 is the new 60, but 80 is still 80”!
  • Lesa Boxx said “Bourbon Street Bingeaux” B&G Clubs Fundraiser was a big success thanks to Jill Reid;
  • Bill Gorman did some make-ups at Sunrise club and the RC of Palm Springs, gave a plug for the upcoming “Luck of the Irish” fundraiser to support YES program project near Copan, Honduras;
  • Stephanie Sadler back from wonderful trip in Myanmar, many adventures;
  • Lance Calloway said the Bellingham Blazers hockey team finished second in league!
  • John Templeton planning for our outgoing exchange student, his parents own the Martini Bar, so John is thinking about organizing an after-hours Rotary fundraiser there to support that program - stay tuned;
  • Brad Cornwell said the NWAIA (local architect assoc. chapter) recently gave an honor award to the Cornerstone Building at Barkley;
  • Dave Ennen celebrating the recent lease to Whole Foods - coming summer 2016!
  • Bill Geyer had to needle the City for three days to get them to accept a permit application!
  • Mike Hammes impressed by our SOM winner today (Sarah Byron);
  • Stan Dyer asked everyone to let him know if you know of members who are ill, also let him know about your make-ups at other clubs or meetings for attendance;
  • Jill Reid thanks for all the support at the recent “Bourbon Street Bingeaux” event for B&G Club;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Fines for Phil X Hageman, Wade Stringfield, and many others.
Long Program 
New member talks by Josh Barrett and Erik Dyrland.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot
Steve Brummel wins the raffle