Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Feb 05, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation by Addie Brown
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Aaron Nelson (CEO 2020 Solutions), Chris Vasquez’ wife Debi, and Rebecca Judd.
Flo on last Sunday’s Rotario Dinner - Super Bowl Sunday at Sarah Rothenbuhler’s house:  It was a great success, $2500 raised.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Tresha booked a trip to New Orleans, sorry to miss the Super Bowl party;
  • John Templeton said Sarah, Anna and Flo’s Super Bowl party was one of the best he’s ever attended, also he is offering his Cabo timeshare unit the last two weeks of February for a very reasonable price - see him for details if interested;
  • Curtis also really enjoyed the Super Bowl party, also attended and enjoyed the Sunrise Club’s Oysterfest;
  • Bob Moles appreciated Sarah’s continued support for our club through her Rotario dinners;
  • Pete Rittmueller missed meetings, traveled to Whistler, then Cancun;
  • Steve Swan a 65th birthday;
  • Mark Turner thankful for central heat;
  • Addie Brown missed meetings, thanks Steve Swan for shoveling snow at her house;
  • Steve Kimberly also just had a birthday, which means a discount on ski passes!
  • Tim Krell’s father passed last month, shared some thoughts and read the obituary.
  • Bill Geyer update on Docks for Kids, 
Business Bucket by Steve Kimberly, on the renovation of the first floor of the First Congressional Church - facility being used by NWYS for homeless, open for a week now. There will be a series of events this Friday through Sunday for anyone who wants to check it out or hear some speakers on the issue of homelessness. 
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie 
Fines for misc. and update on Dock for Kids. See the Website or on Facebook HERE.
Mike Bates introduced Summer Starr, the volunteer coordinator with The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, which is a program of the Opportunity Council. To learn more, visit  Their mission is to mobilize volunteers to meet community needs, build the capacity of organizations to effectively engage volunteers, and inspire support for community service.  Their vision is that everyone in Whatcom County can contribute to and gain from volunteerism to meet community needs and build community vibrancy!
The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County transforms people and neighborhoods by providing a means for volunteers, nonprofits, schools, government and health care organizations to come together to solve community challenges. They focus on developing networks of volunteers to support families, people with disabilities, and neighbors who are experiencing, or on the brink of experiencing, homelessness.
We are integral to the Whatcom County safety net of services because we help nonprofits expand their capacity to recruit and manage volunteers successfully so that agencies can focus on providing vital services
History of the Volunteer Center:  It was started in 1984, expanded in 1994, and then in 2015 merged with Opportunity Council.
To get the word out, they have their Website and newsletters, sponsor “days of service" (like MADD and MLK), and also do training for other service organizations.  For example they partner with WWU and WCC to run the “Community Engagement Fellows” ( which hosts events, speaker series and training to interested community members.
Some of the programs they run:
  • "Just and Equitable" discussion series, raising awareness. Topics include: housing / food systems / workforce.
  • Volunteer Chore Program - neighbors helping neighbors. Helping low income seniors or liabilities.
  • Point in time count - organizing the volunteers for the annual census for the homeless.
  • Maple Valley Inn and Gardeners.
  • East Whatcom Regional Resource Center in Kendall.
  • Project X-it - a financial stability training program.
How can you get involved?
  • Contact Summer Starr;
  • Get on their Email list;
  • Board or committee service;
  • Participate in the Community Engagement Fellow program (see above).
  • Just browse their Website.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot