Visiting Rotarians: Chip Lockhart (Belllingham Club), Martin Howard (LaConner Club)
New Member Induction: Bill Gorman and Anna Williams welcomed and inducted new member Andy Anderson. Welcome Andy!
District Training seminar April 9 in Surrey BC.
This year’s District 5050 Conference will be held at Semiahmoo Resort, April 28 - May 1: 
Mark Turner was awarded a Rotary “blue pin” for his efforts recruiting and bring in new members;
Board has met and vetted the four “finalist applicants” for our major project recipient. More news soon.
Business Bucket anecdote by Glen Groenig.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Tim Krell happy bucks ski day Stevens Pass, and wife’s new car goes fast;
  • Curtis Dye update on Giovanni involving “Easter Egg Russian Roulette”;
  • Mike Hammes shout out to Bham School District for awarding $50M contract to Dawson Construction!
  • Pete Wolkin missed meetings;
  • Dean Fulton happy bucks Husky for UW women's basketball team in final four, also attended Bruce Springsteen concert! Also happy about the Dawson contract;
  • Andy Clay missed meetings happy that their school in Africa lead their region in exam results, Celeste recently rang the opening bell on Wall street and presented at UN;
  • Eddie fellowship meeting today after lunch, we need ideas!
Sergeant at Arms by Tyler Byrd
Fines for Rod’s phone calls and misc. other things.
Dean Fulton introduced Dr. Kimberly Perry, the new president at BTC, who started work last July.
Dr Perry talked about early influences.  She has a competitive personality and excelled at math and sciences. Studied to be vet at UC Davis, but then switched track to a career in education (as an associate dean, then dean, then school president).  
BTC has a Board of Trustees (5 members).  BTC was founded in 1957, but only separated from the public school system in 1991.  Offers 37 ass degrees, and 51 certificate programs. BTC esp strong in the physical side of the STEM (manufacturing etc.).  Annual head count 5400, ave age 32, 870 graduates per year. Annual median wage was $51,000, and the school has a very high graduation rate.  82% of BTC grads are placed with jobs within 9 months.  75% of BTC programs is workforce education.  
BTC Foundation has raised more than $520,000, distributing more than 317 scholarships in 2014-15.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot