Flag Salute & Invocation by Inga Drechsel
Guests:  Paul Bulanov with KW
Visting Rotarians:  None
Announcements by President Brad
Brewers By The Bay 2020
Saturday June 13th from 6pm-10pm
Market Depot Square 
Members are required to sell/purchase 12-$25 tickets
All member will be asked to join in the fun with the day of event tasks. 
Details see lancercalloway@outlook.com or 360.961.5323
Annual Party/Changing of the Guard
Tuesday, June 30th, 5:00
Bellingham Golf & Country Club
Details to follow...
Wine By The Water (a Grape & Gourmet event) 2020
Sunday, October 4th, 2:00-6:00 
Hotel Bellwether
Members are required to sell/purchase 2-$95 tickets
Details see planning committee: Lesa (lesa.ferguson@countryfinancial.com), Tresha (tdutton@whatcom.edu) or Mike (mikebates9@aol.com).
Upcoming District Conference April 30-May 3 at Harrison Hot Springs https://district5050.org/sitepage/district-conference-1/
Rotary Leadership Institute May 7-8 in Mount Vernon https://www.district5050.org/Event/rli-weekend
BBRC Board will meet next week on Thursday details soon…
Weekly meeting location: Northwood Hall will be discontinuing lunch service soon, necessitating a change in location for us, and the Monday Club. Details to follow; we will be researching and recommending a new venue to membership soon.
Eddie with an update on the Docks project. The City is concerned that they have not had much success yet in recruiting qualified summer lifeguards.  Please spread the word, and reference the City’s online job listing: https://www.cob.org/employment/Pages/job-alerts.aspx
Business Bucket by Stowe Talbot with an update on Barkley neighborhood construction projects.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Brad with kudos to fellow BBRC club members who are involved in Barkley construction projects including RMC, Exxel Pacific, Ram Construction, Geo Engineers among others;
  • Lance had great things to say about the women scholarships at BTC;
  • Debbie Kiene tuned 64 and had a great day with her kids and grandkids;
  • Tresha update on Stan, at home currently bed-bound;
  • Mark Turner was judge at NW Garden Show in Seattle;
  • Dr Curt Smith had a birthday 85!
  • Curtis Dye’s wife Felicity arrived home yesterday from a Rotary Youth exchange conference in Mexico;
  • John Templeton is offering his condo unit at Poipu Bech on Kauai for anyone interested (dates March 27-April 3);
  • Eddie says wash your hands… and take a lot of Vitamin D, critical for us northerners!
  • Tim Krell is a Sounders season ticket holder;
Sergeant at Arms by Tim Krell
Fines for left handers.
New Member Talks:
Heather Flaherty, Executive Director of Chuckanut Health Foundation, grew up in Bothell, WA, (part of a 5-generation matriarchy).  She attended Bothel HS, WWU, and later received an MBA from WWU. The influence of her mother’s early death. She is married to Drew Smith of Paeoples Bank. She is a big fan of the movie Dirty Dancing. Her first job was assistant to Nancy Steiger at Peacehealth. Then she helped start the Riverstyx Foundation for Jim Swift.  As of last year, she is proud to head the Chuckanut Health Foundation, with the help and mentorship of people like former directors Chuck Beard and Sue Sharp.  Chuckanut Health Foundation (formerly St. Luke’s Foundation) offers funding for health-related programs, projects, and health education activities https://www.chuckanuthealthfoundation.org/
Heather really values the importance for all of us to engage in civic work and get involved in the community.  Among Heather’s joys are hiking, dogs and cats, travel, and photography.  And… she is expecting a baby girl in May! 
Raffle won by Christine!
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot