Flag Salute & Invocation by Tim Krell
Visiting Rotarians: Heather Powell, Julie Johansen
Guests: Suzanna Brooks (Whatcom Museum)
BBRC Board meeting this Thursday 4:30-6pm at Barkley/Talbot office (2200 Rimland Drive, Suite 250). Open to everyone!
This year’s District 5050 Conference will be held at Semiahmoo Resort, April 28 - May 1: http://portal.clubrunner.ca/50004/SitePage/district-conference 
Fellowship: Jim Haupt will be organizing a Rotary wine event Wednesday April 27th from 6-7:30pm, just for us BBRC'ers. The event will feature a wine buyer from Italy who will offer tastings of a variety of excellent Italian wines.  Appetizers will also be served.  Bellwether Hotel owner Andre Molnar will be in attendance. Sign up available next week!
Business Bucket:  Jill Reid and Erik Dyrland talked about Boys & Girls Clubs “Inspire Higher Dreams” dinner-fundraiser is coming up on Friday April 29, 5:30pm at Silver Reef Event Center. More info and RSVP at http://whatcomclubs.org .
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bill Geyer had fun weekend with granddaughter at Bellingham Farmers Market;
  • Tim Krell family vacation to Oahu;
  • Curtis Dye raising funds for radio station, attended District Assembly last weekend, kudos to Jim Haupt for an excellent wine-tasting dinner last week at Bellwether;
  • Mark Turner spent a week in Yosemite with wife, away from technology, very relaxing!
  • Paul Twedt happy bucks golfing at Chambers Bay, beautiful weather and he played well, then sunny weekend skiing with the kids at Baker;
  • Scot Swanson trip to Maui with the fam;
  • Glendine Barley is BACK! She missed Rotary and the camaraderie, was taking care of her daughter who had a stroke and is slowly recovering;
  • Stan Dyer said April 17th will be his birthday (along with Eddie Hansen), submitted a generous donation ($214)!  Happy birthday, fellas!
Sergeant at Arms by Phil X
Thinking fast on his feet, Mr. Hageman issued various and sundry fines on the membership and raised some cash. 
Curtis Dye introduced Dr. Greg Baker, superintendent of Bellingham Public Schools since 2010.  Before that, Dr. Baker served with Portland Public School system, he has degrees from Harvard, WWU and Gonzaga.
Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs 
Outcomes measured and based on complex set of indicators, not just test scores.
Key Strategies: 
  1. Great teaching
  2. Early childhood education
  3. Innovation and flexibility
  4. Family and community support
  5. One schoolhouse approach
A big challenge is funding.  Major cuts took place during the recession, but is slowing recovering now.  The State Supreme Court has fined the Governor and the State Legislature $100,000/day for failing to adequately fund the school system: 
Meanwhile, in Bellingham in 2013 we passed a major capital bond. Here are some of the results of that capital funding: 
  • A new additional at Lowell Elementary. 
  • Renovated Happy Valley Elementary will open next fall. 
  • Parkview Elementary is building a new gym and play area. 
  • Options High School (Bellingham’s 4th HS) will have a new building opening next year. 
  • Sehome High School now planning for major rebuild opening fall of 2019.
  • Athletic fields upgraded at the high schools. 
  • Also technology devise funding. 
School start and end times being adjusted in 2017. Based on research on adolescence and sleep patterns.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot