Posted by Tony on Apr 17, 2018
Flag Salute and Invocation by Karen Burke

Visiting Rotarians  Teri Treat - Monday Club

Josh Burdick - Veritas Media Productions
Emily, Carrie, Ericka - Stan Dyer's guests
Jessica Martin - John Templeton's guest

Happy Birthday to Stan (91) and Eddie (50)
Bring toiletries for Rotaract's Mother's Day Baskets
Brewer's by the Bay is July 29th, goal is $40,000

Officers elected by Club for next year
President: Tresha Dutton
President-Elect: Brad Cornwell
Past President: Curtis Dye
Program Chair: Mike Bates
Treasurer: Mike Werner
Secretary: Tony Freeland

Directors starting 2nd year of two-year term:
Tim Krell
Sean Stimac (Jim L replacement)
Jeff  Clement.  (Flo replacement) 

Directors starting 1st year of two-year term:
Anna Williams
Carlye Gillespie

Business Promo
John Purdie - Mt. Baker Theater
Many great shows at theater this week.
Bucks in the Bay
Curtis Dye - trip to Washington DC
John Templeton - date in Seattle
Bill Gorman - visited Mt. Baker Theater silent movie organ
Rod Bring - trip to Arizona - mother is 91
Eddie Hansen - bought a Corvette for his birthday
Karen Burke - trip to Chicago
Dann Traxler - trip to Mexico

Sergeant at Arms by Mark Turner
Misc. fines

Teri Treat, President, Monday's Club
Josh Burdick, Veritas Media Productions

Every person in Whatcom County is touched by Rotary. Rotary will have a 100 year anniversary float in this year's May 26 parade.  Josh presented a video he produced of the history of Rotary in Whatcom County.  The five Rotary Clubs have funded the Food Bank, Hospice House, Boulevard Park, and Million Miles Playground.  The video will be posted on You Tube.

Raffle - Steve Beringer wins.
Respectfully submitted,
Tony Freeland