Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Apr 24, 2018
Flag Salute & Invocation by Mark Turner
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: John (Mark Turner’s friend), Mark Mead (Chris Vasquez's friend)
Brewers by the Bay will be Sunday July 29th. 
John Purdie introduced our Student of the Month, Erica Sluys, who plays piano, sings, is a national academic award winner, tennis team captain, bowling team, outstanding scholar, voted "most inspirational choir member"!  Her Squalicum counselor, Cindy O'Brien, said Erica is such a positive and smart individual. Erica talked about her volunteering activities: VP of the Interact Club, a volunteer math tutor, and volunteering in her church’s nursery.
New Member Induction
Bill Geyer introduced Arjun Banga, a process engineer at Anvil Corporation.  Anjun has multiple degrees in engineering and project management from the BC Institute of Technology and UBC.  He has worked at various energy engineering jobs in Canada prior to joining Anvil.  He and family members are active local businessmen and entrepreneurs, with three UPS franchieses. Wife is Simran, and they are building a new house. Welcome Arjun! 
Business Bucket
Bill Gorman told an interesting story about Lummi tribe members going to visit a native Puget Sound Killer Whale  which has been in captivity in Florida for many years, named Lolita, who recognized the whale sounds of her Orca relatives still living in Puget Sound.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Curtis said the remodeling of new house has already started!
  • Bob Moles told a nice story about Mike Hammes;
  • Bill Geyer fun story about grandson;
  • Mark Turner is six weeks post-operation and his hip is doing great, and a couple of his photographs were chosen to show this weekend at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Fines for misc.
Brad Cornwell introduced Ola Lessard, VP of Marketing and Communications for Barlean's. She joined the firm in 2015 after working for her own PR firm. Ola described many of Barlean's most popular products, such as emusified fish oil, which absorbs better in the stomach.
Barlean's has been around since 1972, still a family-owned company, with roots from the fishing industry.
Started by pressing flax seed into oil.
Barleans manufactures high quality organic flax oils, green superfoods, CBD Hemp oil and premium food supplements.
They pride themselves on being very philanthropic.
Kaizen manufacturing.
Their newest projects includes butter flavored coconut oil, and CBD hemp oil.
Barlean's uses celebrity influencers and bloggers to market the products.
Lots of various community outreach, with Woodland Park Zoo, for example.
She is continually tweaking and improving the Website:
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