Flag Salute & Invocation by Paul Twedt
Visiting Rotarians:  Brian Hennessy (Fidalgo club), Bernadette Halliday (from Burlington Club), Lori White (from Everett club, and the District 5050 US Youth Exchange coordinator)
Guests: Felicity Dye, Rick Kiene
BBRC Board Meeting THIS Thursday May 12th 4:30pm at Talbot/Barkley office (2200 Rimland Drive, 2nd floor).  Discussion of how we fund our major capital projects.
Yesterday several board members met with one of our capital project recipients, Lydia Place, to discuss their proposed construction project.  There will be similar discussion soon with the other recipient, DVSAS.
Lance Calloway said the Brewers by the Bay committee typically meet most Mondays at 4pm at Chuckanut Brewery, please join us!
Eddie said we need volunteers for Anna Williams’s upcoming event, called Beer Camp, which will take place at Depot Market Square on Saturday May 28th 6-11pm, Ski-to-Sea weekend!  We are splitting the proceeds with VFW, and our share is earmarked for our international committee.
Business Bucket
Glen Groenig handed the microphone to Mimi Ferlin who said watch out for the stock market which will be flat for long time - give to charities instead, they will need the support!  Also mentioned her company Brooks Properties is building (buying?) some spec houses for rent - check them out!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bryant Engebretson will be hosting a wine dinner soon for the G&G committee (getting an early start);
  • Michael Tilley has some spare tickets to a fundraiser to give away;
  • Steve White is back from the south (Ojai, CA);
  • Pete Wolkin just back from Jazz Fest in New Orleans;
  • Lance Calloway kudos to Bernadette Halliday (providing beer mugs to Brewers!) and Mike Hammes (for his work out at the soccer fields)
  • Curtis Dye successfully hired Pearl Django to play Bellingham June 2nd in support for fundraiser for KPLU;
  • Bob Becker, like Steve White, is back from CA.
  • Terry Myers recommends we go see the few remaining performances of the musical  Oliver featuring our own Tonja Myers and her daughter and son!  Also shout out to all the care-givers!
  • Jim Logghe was in Las Vegas;
  • Pete Rittmueller back from Southern CA - took grandkids to Disneyland and CA Adventure Park - threw his neck out on a ride;
  • Tim Krell reported son going to MSU got dorm room reserved, and then some hockey talk;
  • Brad Cornwell sees Steve Swan running everywhere in town, and daughter returned from Austria;
  • Stephanie Sadler about Bellingham’s great soccer fields;
  • Christine Palmerston missed meeting, a plug for this Friday’s fundraiser at Silver Reef, just back from Texas, and a birthday for husband;
  • Dannon Traxler thanks Jim Haupt for the wonderful fellowship wine event at Bellwether Hotel couple weeks ago, also visited her son at school in Utah, attended conference at Suncadia Resort, and had nice Mothers Day;
  • Debbie Kiene appreciated the club when her grandson came few weeks ago, and explained the Mothers Day Kiene-family tradition hosted by the men for the women!
  • Eddie Hansen for Bellingham’s amazing soccer fields! Had a great Mothers Day playing out on the lake! 21-year anniversary of his chiropractic practice, and attended the Trump rally;
  • Chuck Walter sympathy to the Burlington club for selling flowers (been there done that!)
  • John Templeton 4 days in NYC visiting daughter’s amazing off-Broadway show!
Sergeant at Arms by Glen
Fines for Paul and Chuck, Christine, and many others
Our Rotary exchange student Joe (Giovanni) Melley talked about himself and his home country Italy, and showed many beautiful photographs from around Italy and its cities.  
The Melley’s are from Lerici-Sarzana located on the coast in Northwest Italy.
Portovenere is a nearby beach town where is vacations often. Further north is Cinque Terre.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot
Bernadette wins the raffle!