Flag Salute & Invocation by Mimi Ferlin
Visiting Rotarians: Greg Starup (Monroe RC)
Guests: David Wight, Karen Burke (DVSAS), Michael Tilley
Exchange Student Program:  John Templeton said that the fundraiser evening scheduled for next Sunday evening is cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.  We will need to find another means to raise the expected $6000+ that we need to fund this program (one incoming and one outgoing student).  The incoming student, Giovanni from Italy, has a couple home-hosts lined up, but we need to find a couple more home-hosts (2 or 3 months) if anyone is interested.  It is truly a rewarding experience.
Bob Moles presented a check for $7900 from the club to our own BBRC Foundation, which puts the new total at over $300,000!
Short Program by Terry Brown:  Terry gave a recap of last week’s BBRC board of directors meeting.
Business Minute:  John Sleeth talked about the various programs that his company, Speedy Automated Mailers, supports.  Bob Moles also talked about his firm, Moles Farewell Tributes, now run by his son John.  Moles Farewell Tributes has been a family run local business since 1897 with three locations (Ferndale, Bellingham and Greenacres)! This year with be the 50th anniversary of Moles hosting the Festival of Flags (www.festivalofflags.org), honoring WWII veterans, which will take place on Memorial Day (next Monday) at noon, 1500+ attendees are expected.
CANCELLED:  May 24th student exchange fundraiser at Fireside Bistro;
June 2nd lunch meeting and tour at Bellingham Cold Storage;
June 6-9 RI World Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
June 30: Evening meeting at Northwood Hall “Changing of the Guard” dinner.
June: Bellingham Bells Baseball with Nick Caples (date TBA)
July 2, 5:30pm at Bellwether Hotel, Meeting of Past Presidents.
July 10: Terry Brown hosts a Rotario dinner!
July 16: Crab Feed at Vartanyan Estate Winery (1628 Huntley Road)
July 26: Brewers by the Bay
August 8: Gordon Plume’s Rotario Dinner.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dick Stark recalls attending memorial day celebrations at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington cemetery in 1958;
  • Rod Bring missed meetings, father and grandfather both buried at Moles Greenacres, and potential jury duty looming!
  • Curt Dye flew back from VA to move his daughter Anna back from college graduation, a long trip home.
  • Glen Groenig last weekend moved to new home.
  • Dannon Traxler will reschedule our speaker, home remodel will be ready soon!
  • Christine Palmerton talked about last weekend fundraiser at Silver Reef Event Center with a lot of famous local (Seattle) sports stars;
  • Debbie Kiene struggling to install siding on son’s house, also a plug for all our members to consider hosting a foreign student, also we need greeters - please sign up!
  • John Templeton restated Debbie’s encouragement for home hosts for foreign students, Orphalee and Dick Smith had hosted 30+ students over the years!
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Geyer.
This day in history trivia.
Long Program cancelled due to unavailability of our speaker, who will be rescheduled for later in the summer.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot