Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on May 02, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Tim Krell
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests:  Natalie McLendon, Marian Scott, Sarah Clement, Rodney and Adam (Henry Lee’s colleagues), Kris Palmerton, Jim Ferguson, Inge Jesse, Eric Moffet, Riannon Beardsley, Steve’ Kimberly’s wife Margie, Lisa Cornwell, Helen Moran.
SAVE THE DATE: Our club’s annual “Changing of the Guard” ceremony and induction of new club officers will take place Monday night June 26th at the VFW.
Steve with reminder the annual BBRC International Committee fundraiser dinner at Ciao Thyme will be Thursday night, 6pm June 1st, cost $190/person, half of which is tax deductible donation to the committee. Please sign up!
Debbie Kiene (accepting donations through next Tuesday) with a call out for donations of toiletries and other small gifts for Interact Club’s annual Mothers’ Day project.
Business Bucket:  Jim Haupt announced Bellwether “Spring Fling” wine and food at Bellwether, special discount price for Rotarians. Portion of proceeds go to Skookum Kids.  May 20th, 5pm - 9pm!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon $20 to WCC thanks to Jim Haupt, and John Purdie (MBT great fundraiser event!);
  • Bryant Engebretson for G&G;
  • Doug Wight is on crutches - football injury.
  • John Templeton great weekend at B&G auction and the MBT dinner!
  • Pete Wolkin missed meeting!
  • Scotty daughter Roberta graduated WWU and a job in Seattle;
  • Brad Cornwell hello to all the spouses, looking forward to Brewers event;
  • Bill Gorman missed meeting in Palm Springs, and 2 days sitting in a t Bellingham PD;
  • John Purdie for MBT dinner success ($150K raised!);
  • Glenn Groenig went to Aruba;
  • Tonja Myers doing show tonight in Lynden but show opens on Thursday - Godspell!
  • Steve Kimberly for the MBT dinner success.
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Fines for various misdemeanors.
Trisha introduced Bob Ferguson, Washington State Attorney General.  Bob oversees 1200 employees in the Office of Attorney General office, 600 of which are attorneys.  The AG office is the the law firm for any state organization, and also is the law firm protecting the rights of the citizens of Washington.  Bob, a Democrat, succeeded Rob McKenna, a Republican.  They are good friends who go back to University where they both served as student body presidents, then both served nine years on King County Council. 
Some of the most noteworthy cases the AG has taken on recently are: Marajuana legalization, the McCleary decision, a suit against Comcast for misleading consumer practices, successfully suing the Association of Grocers for deceptive campaign financing, sanctuary cities, and a temporary restraining order against the Trump nationwide travel ban.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot