Flag Salute & Invocation by Tim Krell
Guests: None
Visting Rotarians:  None
Announcements by Mike Bates
We will conduct a zoom meeting like this every two weeks: June 2, June 16, and June 30.  The next meeting on June 2 will feature our Squalicum HS scholarship recipients and new member talks.
Northwood Hall is now closed and will not be hosting Rotary groups going forward. We are looking strongly at the Holiday Inn (Airport) as a future meeting venue. The big club (Monday) is also considering the Holiday Inn. 
The traditional “Changing of the Guards” celebration is being deferred; more information to follow when available. 
Business Bucket by Bill Gorman
Bill is proud to announce that he has purchased and installed a Shimpo brand pottery wheel for his home, and planning to hone his skills as a ceramics artist!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Lance was selected as a member of the task force for the Whatcom Public Health COVID Employer Support Task Force - he will represent the construction industry;
  • Mike Bates’ second grandkid due soon!
  • Lesa Ferguson also expecting a third grandkid (girl)!
  • John Templeton shared that his daughter back up here from LA to quarantine up here closer to family, his recent building purchase will serve temporarily as a drive-thru CoVID testing site (no physician referral necessary), and lastly his 77 Holly Street building is pending for sale!
  • Stowe update on BCS and Barkley;
  • John Purdie had a devil of a time installing a new dishwasher;
  • Justin K give kudos to his staff for adapting to the recent events so quickly and effectively.
Sergeant at Arms by John Purdie
Mount St. Helens trivia
Lance introduced Pam Brady (Government and Public Affairs) and Tom Wolf from BP Cherry Point.
BP isa global company with 70,000 employees, 14,000 of which are in the US.  Last year they invested $100B in the US. Their Cherry Point refinery is home to 825 employees and over 600 contractors.  The local refinery specializes in producing transportation fuels, bringing in the crude oil (raw material) from all over the world. Over $1.7B was invested in this plant over the past decade.
Last year, BP hired a new CEO, Bernard Looney from Ireland, and he has charged the company with several new ambitious goals:
  1. Reimagine energy
  2. Reinvent BP as a company
  3. Performing while transforming
Pam told us about BP’s “Net Zero by 2050” initiative:
  1. Net zero energy operations by 2050
  2. Net zero oil and gas production (upstream) by 2050
  3. 50% reduction in the carbon intensity of their products by 2050
  4. 50% reduction in methane emissions
  5. Investing more of their portfolio in non oil and gas
  6. Advocacy for clean energy
  7. Incentivize employees
  8. Reframe their relationship with trade associations and exit when their interests are not aligned (for ex. BP has just departed from American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, the Western States Petroleum Association and the Western Energy Alliance)
  9. To be a leader in transparency and reporting
  10. Clean energy for cities and corporations
Pam said Europe’s more stringent mandates on pollution has taught BP how to be leader in the transition to cleaner energy compared to the other big global energy companies.
She said Whatcom County’s moratoriums on all new permits for Cherry Point has had a very negative impact on their ability to make upgrades and improvements to their plant.
She said BP is in favor of, and advocating for, some form of carbon pricing (such as cap and trade that Europe and California have) or a carbon tax.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot