Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on May 30, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by John Sleeth
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Bryant’s guest Jessica
Dannon thank you for the members of our club who served in our military.
Dannon read more more from club history 2012-13.
Changing of the Guard party at the VFW hall, with music by the Atlantics! Monday night June 26th 5:30 appies and cocktails, then 6:30pm dinner.
Steve Kimberly with reminder the annual BBRC International Committee fundraiser dinner at Ciao Thyme will be Thursday night, 6pm June 1st, cost $190/person, half of which is tax deductible donation to the committee. Please sign up before end of day today!
Member of the Month Mark Turner! Thanks for all your  work, Mark!
International service chair Mike Hammes stepping down and looking for replacement,
Minutes from last week’s board meeting by Tresha.
Business Bucket by Andy Clay with anecdote.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon with some sunshine bucks!
  • Aaron camping again this weekend in trailer;
  • Curtis Dye went to New Orleans, then nice Ski to Sea weekend back here;
  • Eddie Hansen went to Mexico stayed at Stephanie Sadler’s condo, also still quietly working on Bloedel Donovan park upgrade project;
  • Phil X Hageman with restaurant tips New Orleans;
  • Scotty went to Fairhaven S2S;
  • Andy Clay passed her exam and is now a registered EMT, Pete W and girlfriend set a wedding date! Husband turns 80!
  • Bob Moles missed 3 meetings in a row! 1800 flags at Greenacres;
  • Mark Turner wonderful weekend Eastern WA camping next to lake totally unplugged;
  • Stephanie Sadler couple weeks in Mexico, then camping with 9-year old, and upcoming eye surgery;
  • Steve Brummel with WWU womens rowing national champions, also national women’s javelin victory, in fact 13 of 15 sports went to Nationals, and an update on Carver gym;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Misc. fines concerning Veterans Day
Lesanna Lahner, executive director and wildlife veterinarian for new organization called SR3.
Lesanna has worked at Lincoln Park Zoo, USFWS Seattle Aquarium, Sarvey and the faculty of UW Center for One Health.  SR3 stands for Response - Rehab - Research:  It’s mission is to promote the health and welfare of wildlife in the Pacific NW.
It’s a new nonprofit, to be located on the waterfront in West Seattle, with a $2M / yr operation fund.  Jodie Allen (Paul Allen’s sister) is on the board, plus fundraising. Washington has the same length of coastline as California!  Showed video of cutting rope from entangled whale.
Why rehab wildlife?
  • Canary in the coal mine (to find out environmental dangers for humans)
  • Welfare
  • Train future generations
  • Knowledge and science
  • Promote coexistence
  • Human interactions 
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot