Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on May 07, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation by Stan Dyer
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Robert Maestro and Past President Bob Tull
Bellingham Bay Rotary merchandise: Christine Palmerton is heading up a club merchandise order. She's bringing sample t-shirts and other items to share at our Tuesday lunches, and has an order list available. Take a look and place your order with Christine!
Practice Interviews with SqHS:  Cindy O'Brian (College/Career Advisor at SqHS) is looking for some volunteers to help students do practice job interviews on May 13-14 8:30-9:50. Contact John Purdie if you're interested in volunteering: 
Mike Bates update on May 21st tour of Bellingham PD - hosted by Flo Simon.  There is a sign-up sheet for the visit and for lunch ($10, sandwiches provided by Addagio).
Brewers by the Bay update by Brad Cornwell: Saturday, June 8th, 6-10pm at Depot SquareFour weeks out. Main thing is still EVERYONE needs to volunteer for the event. Sven Gilkey coordinating the volunteer sign-up sheet again this year. Use the link below to sign up for a time slot:  Set-up will be compressed this year (4:30pm-6pm), so we will need as much extra volunteer help as possible! Also all members are responsible for purchasing (and reselling if you want) 14 tickets ($350 or $25/ea).  Purchase them at our club meeting, or online:   
Docks for Kids update by Eddie.  A contract needs to be signed btw/ City of Bellingham and our club. Next week Scot Swanson will tell about the contract.  Bellingham Marine is our dock contractor, and Anchor QEA is our engineer-designer.  Fundraising is going well, but we still have a ways to go. 
    Bucks in the Bay
    • Tresha turned 50 and pledged to do 50 running races, last weekend completed a half marathon in Everett!
    • Carlye Gillespie happy she was excused from jury duty!
    • Dannon happy bucks, missed meetings, work and trips, new office!
    • John Bosche happy bucks missed meetings, daughter at Squalicum HS said the recent Interact service project really helped at a stressful time in her life!
    • Bill Geyer said granddaughter arrived into the world (Macy)!
    • Rod Bring was at Sunkadia, flyfishing with grandson;
    • Curt Smith said attorney Bob Tull’s former office building historically had a similar use: prostitution;
    • Mimi glad to be back from cruise, saw the Avengers, Taylor Rapp news;
    • Doug Wight grandson graduated from college last week;
    • Mark Turner had a delivery of mulch to home, and then conducted a lot of shoveling!
    Sergeant at Arms by Mark Turner
    Fines for misc. misdeeds and history trivia.
    Mike Bates introduced Bruce Fisher, the Deputy Airport Director for Snohomish County Airport at Paine Field.   Its history dates back to late 1930’s when it was planned as one of ten national “super airports”, but became a US military training facility instead. The Paine Air Show took place in the 1950’s and 60’s.  In 1967 Boeing started building planes there. Paine Field is owned and operated by Snohomish County - totally self-sustaining financially.  Unlike SeaTac, Paine Field serves a strange combination of the Boeing plant, commercial flights, and as a public airfield for private aircraft (general aviation).  Some of the usual activities you might see at the airport include: A huge Russian cargo aircraft calls about two times a week (delivering Boeing equipment). Also, four other large cargo aircraft (called Dream-Lifter LCF which bring Boeing wings and tails from Japan) are based at Paine Field.
    1. The commercial air service terminal is operated by company called “Propeller Airports”, which came to the airport and proposed a 30,000 facility as a tenant.  They were approved for the lease and opened about 2 years later. They lease about 11 acres, and spent $40M on the terminal facilities.  Now there are 24 daily departures by Alaska and UAL.  They only have three gates, and there is no room to expand. 
    2. The airport also features many museums and tours.
    3. What is the Snohomish County Paine Field’s role? Support commercial air service, develop a business plan, support general aviation, and capture the new aircraft B-797 (replacement to the 767).
    Propeller runs three of its own parking lots ($30/day - expensive). However, Marriott will be building two hotels with park&ride lots soon.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Stowe Talbot