Flag Salute & Invocation by Jill Reid
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Curtis Smith’s wife Ruby, April Barker, Giovanny Melley, Kathy Vaughn, Alan Artman’s father in law.
Giovanni Melley’s farewell party is Wednesday June 15 at VFW, 3-9pm.  Bring the whole family!
The membership committee and the board have both approved the application of a new candidate for membership: Patrick Drum.  Patrick is a Portfolio Manager at Saturna Capital, and his Rotary classification would listed as “Financial Planner”.  He has lived in Bellingham for three years, his community work has included serving on the board for the Museum of Glass. Patrick is interested in serving on the BBRC Foundation Committee.  His sponsor is Harold Scott.  This notice will be posted for two weeks, while members can comment or object to Scotty or President Bill Geyer.
Bob Moles gave a Board meeting report from last week.
Changing of the Guard Ceremony and Party will take place Wednesday eve, June 29th, at the VFW Hall on State Street.  There will be a band with dancing.  About $30/ticket.  Stay tuned for more details!
Lance with an update on Brewers by the Bay.  All Rotarians expected to buy (and resell if they want) at least 12 tickets.  Sunday, July 24, 2016 from 1-5pm at Depot Market Square.  Tickets available HERE http://www.eventbrite.com/e/2016-brewers-by-the-bay-tickets-25394194720 
Business Bucket (funds to BTC scholarships) Andy Clay made a plug for the upcoming fundraiser for the Generations Early Learning and Family Center.  Fundraiser is this Sunday at Bellingham Boundary Bay 
Bucks in the Bay
  • Phil X Hageman missed meeting next week to travel in motorhome with twin grandsons;
  • Tim Krell son graduated from high school big party for him!
  • Brent Walker pitch for the BBRC Foundation - the donations will never be seent only the interest earned, celebrated 42nd wedding anniversary on the boat, and 31 years in this club!
  • Lance Calloway's son is at Silver Beach where recent fundraiser netted $45K for the playground;
  • Mike Werner son Jeffrey graduated from HS and going to Baylor University;
  • Curtis Dye son Johnny graduated from Squalicum with straight A’s going to Rhode Island, also for Giovanny, please everyne come to Gio’s party tomorrow afternoon / eve;
  • Sven Gilkey missed meetings, a birthday, next week taking kids to Cub Scout camp next week;
  • Dick Stark went to theater guild great show;
  • Scott Walker is chairman (this year) of World Floor Covering Association, taking an old member to DC next week to be recognized for military service;
  • Bob Becker about the police appreciation banner, encourage everyone to attend the COG party;
  • Stew Ellison went to visit his two daughters in CA (SF and Davis), saw Lynn Templeton in Napa.
Sergeant at Arms by Eddie
Misc. fines fro Stowe, Jim Johnson, Lance, Pete W, and others.
Dick Stark introduced author Ted Van Dyk, who has been active in national policy and politics since 1961, serving in the White House and State Department and as policy director of several Democratic presidential campaigns. He is author of Heroes, Hacks and Fools and numerous essays in national publications.  Attended Bellingham High School before heading off to the East Coast.  Now is back living in Bellingham.
Ted talked about the coming presidential election season that he is not looking forward to because it will be very polarizing and bitterly fought.  The partisan/polarized political climate is not unique to the US for many reasons. Security and economic well being.
Entitlement spending needs to come down.  We as a country need to look at the tax code to reduce loopholes.  Locally, we need to look where we are putting our resources, and looming problems like poverty and homelessness.  The tide of unification over the past few decades is now going toward separation.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot
Addie Brown wins the raffle!