Flag Salute & Invocation by Kendall Olson
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: (former member) Allan Stockbridge, Terry Myers’s daughter Kristin.
New member application: The membership committee and board have both approved the preliminary application of Karen Burke for membership. Karen is the exec director of DVSAS and a WWU grad.  Flo Simon is her sponsor.  Her service interest is international.  Please see Harold Scott or President Bob is you have any comments or concerns.
Christine Palmerton and Bob Moles visited Skip Sailors, who is recovering from a fall and looking forward to returning to Rotary.
Eddie with reminder for THIS FRIDAY Bellingham Bells Rotary night:
What: Rotarians night out at the ballpark!  
When: Friday, June 19th 7pm
Where: Joe Martin Field- Bellingham
Username: Rotary
Password: Rotary
All tickets are seated together in the grandstand, which has seat backs and a roof. There will be good friends, good baseball, and ice cold beer!
Dr. Jim McCallum Memorial Fund:  A Memorial Fund has been created by our club in response to those who have indicated a desire to recognize the memory of our past president, Dr. James McCallum, a long-time Bellingham dentist and board member of BTC.  The funds will go to the Dental Program at Bellingham Technical College to purchase dental equipment there.  Checks should be written to the “Bellingham Bay Rotary Foundation,” and designated for the “Jim McCallum Memorial Fund.”  Gifts to the Fund are tax deductible, and may be mailed to:
Bellingham Bay Rotary Foundation
P.O. Box 1299
Bellingham, WA 98227
2015 Rotary Dinners
Summer Night Tropical Style at Terry Brown’s
Friday, July 10, Cocktail Hour Begins 5:30p
12 Guests, 2 spaces available
Current guests:  Bob Moles & Julie Johanson, Sarah Rothenbuhler & Orphalee Smith, Dannon Traxler & Matt Simms, Donna & Steve Edquist, Bill & Diane Boyd.
Italian Dinner in the Folly at Robin & Gordon Plume’s
Saturday, August 8, Cocktails 5:30p
10 Guests, 4 spaces available
Current guests:  Bob Moles & Julie Johanson, Frank & Christine Zurline, Sarah Rothenbuhler & Anna Williams
Red Meat & Red Wine!  at Hilary & Bryant Engebretson’s
Sunday, September 13th at 5pm
12 Guests, 6 spaces available
Current guests: Bob & Diane Becker, Jeff & Sara Clement, Bob Miles & Julie Johanson
Hosts & Guests, contact Sarah Rothenbuhler
ph- 815-6241--  email sarahd@birchequipment.com
$75 per guest fee, proceeds go to Bellingham Bay Rotary.
Submit checks payable to Bham Bay Rotary, c/o Mike Werner, PO Box 32030, Bham 98228, or to Mike Werner any meeting before your dinner ☺
June 19: Bellingham Bells baseball Rotary night with Nick Caples.
June 30: Tuesday Evening meeting 5:30pm at Northwood Hall “Changing of the Guard” dinner.
July 2, 5:30pm at Bellwether Hotel, Meeting of Past Presidents.
July 16: Crab Feed at Vartanyan Estate Winery (1628 Huntley Road).
July 26: Brewers by the Bay.
Short Program by Jill Reid
Jill gave a synopsis on last week’s board meeting. 
Vocational Bucks:  Bryant Engebretson said his firm, Tradewinds Capital Management, offers to buy tickets to Brewers by the Bay each year for their clients.  Last year they purchased over $2000 in tickets and got great feedback from their clients who attended the event!  Good food for thought for all you business owners out there…
Also from last week:  Matt Groenig and his partner Tim McEvoy are opening a UPS store in Blaine soon at 1733 H Street, #450 Blaine, WA  98230!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Bob Moles $70 for Foundation;
  • Phil X just returned from Kona, heading out soon for 10-day camping trip with grandson, Food Bank facility is doing great making the customer experience more humane and more like a shopping experience, less like a bread line!
  • Gordon Plume $50 exceptional weekend in San Francisco seeing daughters and grandkids;
  • Paul Twedt 46th birthday Thursday, AND he is going to Chambers Bay to see some golf on Thursday!
  • Chuck Walters for missed meetings, underwent spinal fusion operation, but recovering well, and nice words in memory of Dr. Jim McCallum;
  • Dean missed meetings on selection committee for new BTC President (they chose Dr. Kimberly Perry from California), and a retirement party planned for tomorrow for outgoing President Dr. Patti McKeown;
  • Dannon Traxler enjoying her newly remodeled house, and getting lots of visits from relatives!
  • Michael Tilley had a face plant injury while playing basketball last Wednesday;
  • Bryant Engebretson’s daughter heading off to Italy with classmates, and celebrated a 22nd wedding anniversary;
  • John Templeton says our exchange student (from Italy) is arriving Aug 20th, homesteading with Curtis Dye, we still have to raise some money for this effort;
Sergeant at Arms by Glen Groenig
Fines based on this day in history.
Long Program 
Dannon Traxler introduced Mark Personius (Asst director of WC Planning Dept) and Matt Aamot (senior manager with WC Planning Dept).  Mark and Matt discussed the County’s Comprehenvice Plan update, which they are both busy working on.  The Comprehensive Plan is a document with eleven chapters including growth projections, land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, transportation, economics, resource lands, recreation, design and environment.  Why update this document? State requires every County and City to update their Comp plans every 5 or 10 years in order to plan for growth. Urban Growth Areas are designated to encourage urban infill in the cities and plan for next 20 years and that infrastructure.  Counties growth alternatives (2013-2016) range from 48,000 up to 86,000 new people.The County would like to see about 15% of the county’s future growth occur outside the cities (infill) and UGA’s, i.e. 85% inside cities.  Should there be growth through infill, or UGA’s, or both? How to encourage growth in the cities not county?  There are 86,000 designated agricultural lands.  There are 221,000 rural and commercial forestry lands ($26million in timber harvested in 2012 for example).  Final changes to the County’s Comp plan must be incorporated by June of next year 2016.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot