Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jun 20, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Patrick Drum
Visiting Rotarians: Bill Meub
Guests: Dan Barry
Dannon read more from club history 2015-16.
This year’s Changing of the Guard is Monday night, June 26th in the Bellwether Ballroom.  Appetizers and drinks start at 5:30, dinner will be served at 6:30. There will be live music by the Atlantics.  Dinner costs $30/pp (children welcome, at a reduced cost), and there will be a no host bar.  Come enjoy a great fellowship evening as we say “Thank You!” to President Dannon and welcome our new incoming president, Curtis Dye!  PLEASE RSVP by Brad Cornwell.
Brewers by the Bay will be Sunday July 23, 2017 from 2-6pm.  You can get your 12 tickets electronically by clicking HERE (  Also for sale at the Rotary meetings. Cost is $25 advance, $30 at the door.  Food trucks will provide food this year - no need for volunteers for grilling duties.
Fellowship event BellinghamBells game June 20th TONIGHT!
Member of the Month: Me, Stowe Talbot!  Thank you, Dannon! It has been a joy and a pleasure working with you this past year.
Business Bucket by Pete Rittmueller has been traveling a lot recently for his firm Hydrology Northwest, to Galapagos and then Hawaii among other exotic destinations, while trying (unsuccessfully) to slide into retirement.
Bob Moles, introduced Bill Meub, board member for Pure Water for the World (his wife Carolyn is executive director for PWW).  Bill thanked our club for all its support over the years.  He talked about Trojes Honduras ( where our cab has sponsored a few projects in the past), where PWW just completed a major water infrastructure project now providing clean water to thousands of local residents.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon funny story about “complaining about illnesses”, and she is honored to have served as club president this past year!
  • Brad Cornwell had a wonderful trip to Bahamas with wife;
  • Harte Bressler had a bear in his yard;
  • Curtis Dye went to the RI conference in Atlanta with 40,000 other participants, it was an amazing and inspiring experience, he thanks to the club for sending him!
  • Mark Turner reminds us that today is West Virginia Day;
  • Tim Krell's is happy his kids now have jobs, and he had an amazing biking adventure in Vancouver;
  • Terry Brown is very proud of his wife who just retired from Bham Public Schools as a longtime educator for Special Ed. kids, which is a very tough job;
  • John Templeton first day of summer! He had a terrific weekend with son and grandson;
  • Glen says he is moving back to Oak Harbor soon, he will miss us and was glad to be a member of this club!
  • Christine Palmerton ongoing Nauti Girl trademark fight, and her son now applying for FBI!
Sergeant at Arms by Flo
Misc. fines for various misdemeanors.
Michael Mathis talked about being severely burned when he was a child in the 1960’s.  This led to a tough childhood, dealing with a trauma both physical and emotional.  Later in life in 1989, he founded an organization called Burned Children's Recovery Foundation 
BCRF is a national recovery agency that has provided emotional support and financial aid to burned children and their families.  BCRF offers children and their families the chance to attend Phoenix House and Camp Phoenix (one week in August at Camp Lutherwood) to meet other children and engage in meaningful learning and friendship environment.
Phoenix House (Everett WA) is a 10-bed recovery center that serves as a "home away from home" for burned children that have not returned back into society or are struggling in their recovery.   It is a place where burned children can come and stay in a safe, home-like environment where they will learn how to accept what has happened to them. They learn how to deal with the day-to-day problems of a society that responds to them in many different ways.  Phoenix House will help them to understand the pain and teach them how to overcome it.
Camp Phoenix occurs each year for one week at Camp Lutherwood on Lake Samish. The camp is a way for burned kids to meet other children and engage in meaningful learning and and in a compassionate environment.  This year it will be August 12-18 and Michael invites all of club to come to the camp welcoming ceremony the morning of August 12th.
BCRF also offers many other services: 
• Transportation and lodging costs for the child’s hospital and clinic visits.
• Counseling and out of pocket medical costs, bandages, compression garments, prescriptions, etc.
• Outside activity costs including - sports, dance, band and school activities to help prevent reclusion.
• Funding to attend our recovery center named "Phoenix House" for high trauma and recluse children.
• Return to School assistance and school clothing/shoes to help build self-esteem and pride.
• Funding to attend the National Burned Children's Camp Phoenix helping the child build life-time friendships.
• Burned Survivors Toll Free Helpline to help with the day-to-day problems.
Michael’s biggest piece of advice for us when we see a burned person is to neither stare nor avoid their gaze, but to treat them as we would anyone else, and not to be afraid to talk and engage with them.  Especially for burned children, it is important to let them know you they are not being shunned.
Dannon wins the raffle!
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Stowe Talbot