Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jun 04, 2019
Flag Salute & Invocation by Andy Clay
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Chris’s wife Debi
Brewers by the Bay: THIS WEEKEND...EVERYONE NEEDED.  This Saturday, June 8th is our 2019 Brewers by the Bay fundraising event, so lets make sure it's successful!
Everyone is needed to help with the event. Below is a link to the online sign-up document. Paper copies will also be provided at our lunch meeting tomorrow.  Lets make this a fabulous event so our club can make its monetary commitment to the Docks for Kids project!!
Buy/Sell tickets: click here 
Annual Club Party / Changing of the Guard: This year's event will be at Karen Burke's house on June 26th. Stay tuned for details (e.g., time, directions, cost, etc).
Brewers by the Bay update by Lance Calloway
Docks for Kids update by Eddie and Bill Geyer:  Bellingham City Council approved the project enthusiastically.  Peoples Bank will be stepping up as sponsor in a big way.
Business bucket: John Templeton successful purchase of the former Skagit Bank Building; now he just needs a (non-financial) tenant!
Bucks in the Bay 
  • Curtis bucks for attending the Byron Elmendorf Memorial Trail ceremony on Saturday, 
  • Lance attended District 5050’s youth exchange committee, also congrats to Eddie, Bill and Bill;
  • Michael Reams is BACK! Birth of new daughter! Kudos for Docks project;
  • Jeff Hill sorry to miss his last week’s new member talk (rescheduled), and also finalizing the Docks promo video;
  • John Templeton recognizes memory of DDay, and Tim McEvoy’s mom passed away;
  • Inga Drechsel went to Austin TX with the fam, great city and they had fun, also 20th wedding anniversary;
  • Mimi Ferlin kudos for Scot Swanson, attended a Mariner’s game, grandson went to prom in her red convertible, and Mimi got a puppy a Bichon Frise;
  • Debbie Kiene belated anniversary trip in the Southeast, planning a trip with her grandson;
  • Mark Turner celebrated his son’s one year anniversary of his brewery in Yakima, spent time with granddaughter;
  • Bill Gorman thoughts on DDay landing on the beaches of Normandy, he recommends to go and see it with your own eyes;
  • Steve Kimberly just back from Spain and Portugal;
  • Bill Geyer's grandfather was in Rome driving a tank with US Army during DDay;
Lance Colloway introduced Mark Kuntz, who talked about the Fairhaven Summer Repertory Theatre, which is taking place this summer at the Firehouse Arts and Events Center. Mark is the co-founder and director of Bellingham Theater Works  Mark received his BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Oregon.  After working eleven years at the University or Oregon, he has now been on the WWU theatre faculty for the past one years. Back in 2007, Brad Burdick (director of the Mount Baker Theatre) encouraged Mark to start a summer repertory theater that could be performed at the MBT.  Over the next eight years Bellingham Theatre Works did 25 productions there, before the project was suspended. This year Mark is taking a sabbatical to write a musical, and to direct the summer repertory theatre again, this time at the Fairhaven Fire Station.  They have received financial support from WWU’s Palliative Care Institute. They chose the following three plays to do this summer:  “Clean House" a comedy by Sarah Rule, “Wit” a one act play by Margaret Edson, and finally “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by Tennessee Williams.  The season starts on June 23rd, and tickets are $20.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot