Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jul 11, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Mark Turner
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Sean Cool (Geo Engineers), Erik Chambers’ mom, Scott Nissan (?), Stephanie Morrell (Bham Bells), and Dan Barry (to be inducted today!)
President Curtis is excited to be embarking his presidential year with the club!
Wendy Heister talked about what it is to be a Rotarian. 
Birthdays and anniversaries.
Successful and fun “Changing of the Guard” party two weeks ago at Bellwether Ballroom, introducing incoming officers and thanking the outgoing crew.
Crab Feed next Tuesday evening 7/18 at 5pm at Mark Turner’s house, 4682 Wynn Rd (just off Slater road near the freeway). $30/adults, $10/kids.
Board meeting next Thursday 7/20 4:30pm at Tradewinds board room (4th floor, 2211 Rimland Drive).
Brewers by the Bay 1-5pm on Sunday afternoon 7/23/17. All members need to buy 12 tix minimum, and hopefully also volunteer at the event. NEXT WEEK we will be washing glasses after the lunch meeting.
New Member Induction
Dan Barry was introduced by his sponsor Lesa Boxx, who met Dan at a networking event. Dan works as a loan officer at Heritage Bank, he has a wife named Jayne and a grown daughter. He was a past Rotarian at the Poulsbo Club. The ceremony was conducted by Bill Gorman.  Congratulations and welcome, Dan!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Steve Kimberly went to Methow Valley, wife broke an ankle!
  • Bryant Engebretson with birthday and anniversary;
  • Scotty missed meetings while cruising on Duro Rover Portugal;
  • Eddie fantastic summer on the lake with kids, and a plug for our fellowship events;
  • Aaron Lemperes missed meetings while camping at Crater Lake;
  • Erik Dyrland trip with son for two weeks in Norway (to meet relatives) and London;
  • Mark Turner good time photographing at the Bellingham Pride Festival;
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Misc. fines for members.
Curtis introduced Stephanie Morrell (general manager, day to day operations) from the Bellingham Bells baseball organization. The team is composed of college baseball players from teams around the U.S.
Founded: 1999
League:  West Coast League - 11 teams.
Ballpark: Joe Martin Field
Year founded: 1999
Owner: Eddie Poplawski from Spokane
Mascot: Dinger, The Bellinghamster
Players range in age from 18 to 24 and attend college.  Some go on the play in the major leagues. Players live with local families for the summer.  The 2017 team roster includes guys from all over the country.  The Bells staff is a combination of paid employees and volunteers. It’s a unique venue for family friendly entertainment and very affordable.
Three revenue streams:
  1. Tickets
  2. Food and beverages
  3. Sponsorships 
Bells Mission: To support the local community, players/staff, and business community.  They also do fundraising and give away hundreds of tickets each year.
Respectfully submitted,
Stowe Talbot