Posted by G. Stowe Talbot on Jul 18, 2017
Flag Salute & Invocation by Bill Gorman
Visiting Rotarians: Andy Day (from Monday Club)
Guests: Patrick McEvoy, Izzy Cybula (our outgoing exchange student, going to Germany)
Patrick Drum talked about various Rotary facts. 
Birthdays and anniversaries.
Board meeting this Thursday 7/20 4:30pm at Tradewinds board room (4th floor, 2211 Rimland Drive, Suite 401).
Brewers by the Bay 1-5pm this Sunday afternoon 7/23/17. All members need to buy 12 tix minimum, and hopefully also volunteer at the event. It will be a great fun event.  We need volunteers!
Outgoing Exchange Student Isabella (Izzy) Cybula is being sponsored by our club and the Monday Club and will be going to Germany. She thanked our club for all the support and is looking forward to the time abroad.
Business Bucket by Tim and Patrick McEvoy who talked about Primer Coffee (founded by Patrick)on Holly street which serves the finest single origin coffee.
Bucks in the Bay
  • Mike Werner 20th wedding anniversary, a boat trip, and a successful fishing trip in the Queen Charlotte Islands;
  • Stephanie Sadler granddaughter graduated college and then embarked on a cycling trip down entire West Coast to raise funds to combat child slavery - and she got a job!
  • Tim McEvoy excellent trip to Spain with extended family, and celebrated 38th wedding anniversary in Venice!
  • Bill Gorman interviewed Terry Treat on the radio (she is the 100th president of the Monday Rotary club);
  • Lance Calloway went to Nashville Tennessee for a huge soccer event - the event will held in Bellingham next year from July 11-15;
  • Patrick Drum $500 for his midyear update: finished a remodel, has been super busy traveling, and he and Saturna have received good coverage in national financial newspapers;
  • Dannon went to Louisiana with family to celebrate parents’ wedding anniversary, also thanks Tony Freeland for tix to Lyle Lovett;
  • Wendy Heister had some friends visit from Houston;
  • Debbie Kiene missed meetings, three week Viking River cruise Russia/Finland, had a wonderful impression of the Russian people;
  • Eddie thanks Stew and Flo help with crab, heading out on long road trip with the family;
  • Mimi talked about her grandson Hunter’s budding modeling career.
Sergeant at Arms by Flo Simon
Information about the new rules for using smartphones in a car;
Curtis introduced Patrick McEvoy, who talked about the “World Access Project”  sending wheelchairs and other mobility devices to Mexico for handicapped and those who need such supplies.  Patrick originally went to Mexico as a young man, met many people, taught English and trades, and even met his future wife. He also happened to meet an American man there named Richard St. Denis, and together they helped start a wheelchair tennis club.  Since then, Richard has moved to Mexico full time and set up a wheelchair shop there (see  The shop collects, refurbishes, transports and then donates the wheelchairs for Ricard will be coming to Bellingham in the fall (we should bow him as a speaker), and Patrick is collecting donations for wheelchairs in Mexico 
Harte wins raffle.
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Stowe Talbot