Flag Salute & Invocation by Stew Ellison
Visiting Rotarians:  Marv Tjoelker (Mt Baker Club), Wendy Keister (Houston)
Guests:  John Purdie (Mt Baker Theatre), Pete Wolkin’s friend Josh Helderop (AHT Insurance Broker)
Dannon read another snippet from our early club history 1984-85.  Grew from 54 to 65 members. 
Our next Third Thursday Business Lunch will be at noon August 18 at Anthony’s Hearthfire!
October 25th will be the next BBRC Strategic Retreat with Sue Sharpe.
Thank you Terry Brown and Lance Calloway for their extraordinary Brewers work!
Bill Geyer announced that we will be meeting at Bellingham PD to present our “poster of support”, 7:50am meet this Friday July 29th 
Rotario Dinner:  Stew Ellison said Sunday Aug 7th will be the first Fellowship Dinner hosted by Stew Ellison and Kathy Cheldelin: “Red Neck Party Barge Rotary Dinner” Cocktails and BBQ dinner cooked on the big green egg, with an evening lake cruise, swimming encouraged, 1807 North Shore Drive, RSVP Stew at 303-0754 or stewellison@comcast.net.   
Contact Sarah Rothenbuhler if you’d like to host a Rotario dinner.  ph 815-6241 or sarahd@birchequipment.com.  $75 per guest fee, proceeds go to Bellingham Bay Rotary. Checks payable to Bham Bay Rotary, c/o Mike Werner, PO Box 32030, Bham 98228.
Business Bucket with Lance Calloway this Sunday 3pm will be last match of Bellingham United (tied for 2nd place in league), come out and enjoy some great soccer at the soccer park!
Bucks in the Bay
  • Dannon said great fellowship week last week (crab feed, business lunch AND Brewers by the Bay)! Also saw Willy Nelson!
  • John Templeton thanks to all you fellow Rotarians last week;
  • Terry Myers enjoyed all the alcohol last week!
  • Curt Smith grandson’s wedding in Vancouver WA last weekend;
  • Steve White attended Grateful Dead concert in Portland;
  • Terry Brown thanked everyone who helped at Brewers Sunday with set-up and take-down;
  • Bob Moles thanked everyone as well for a successful BBB event, also wear your Rotary pins!
  • Gordon Plume $100 launched boat with family July 3, missed Rotary meeting because so busy with projects, no chance to sail, maybe this weekend, architect Gabriel Calatrava (son of famous architect Santiago Calatrava) came out to meet Gordon to hire him for a big multi-year project!
  • Bob Becker relayed kind words from Bellingham PD about our poster of support;
Sergeant at Arms by Bill Geyer
Misc. fines for Tony Freeland, Glen Groenig, Lance, Orphalee and Anna, Brier Rabbit basket was purchased by Tyler Byrd!
Jim Barron (manager), Marv Tjoelker (board member) and Linda Barsalou (facilities manager) came to talk about the Northwest Washington Fair.  The fair is a non-profit organization with a small staff, a board of directors, many volunteers and contributors, giving all Whatcom County citizens a sense of ownership and pride.  The Fair's mission is to provide:
• education regarding agriculture - past, present and future
• experiences with positive competition
• enjoyment of wholesome entertainment, social interactions and lasting memories 
According to Jim, the challenge is to keep the fair relevant to change with the times, yet still not loose it’s uniqueness and tradition. According to surveys, animals is the No. 1 attraction at the fair (#2 is food, #3 is rides).  The Fair, any fair, is a unique reflection of the community, unlike a typical suburban mall.
Linda talked about her job managing food venders. Some new items this year will include:  A Hawaiian grill; a vender offering fried chicken alligator and frog legs; a Windward HS strawberry shortbread booth; a food truck featuring gourmet reuben sandwiches; Edeleen Dairy will do amazingly tasty Greek yogurt.  As usual there will be a demolition derby, a rodeo and music this year by Gaither, Loverboy and Josh Turner.
Marv Tjoelker (partner at Larson Gross) talked about an exciting new project associated with the fair: a proposed  Agriculture Education Center in Lynden.  They are in the fundraising phase now.  The Fair also generates revenue during the off-season by rental of the facilities, developing promotional activities to encourage off-season usage, and promoting agriculture as a way of life.
Northwest Washington Fair (http://nwwafair.com) will be August 15-20 at the Lynden Fairgrounds.
Respectfully submitted, 
Stowe Talbot