Flag Salute and Invocation
Visiting Rotarian - None
Guest - Russ Whidbey (Financial Advisor) and Someone Webb
Short Program - Terry Brown gave update on Brewers on the Bay
  • Approximately 1,400 attended;
  • Initial estimates – raised $30,000 to $35,000;
  • 34 breweries with 81 tastes;
  • $20 of each $25 goes to charitable causes;
  • Silver Reef chose to end sponsorship.
  • Planning for Grapes and Gourmet is in full swing and it is scheduled for November 1st;
  • Italian Dinner scheduled for August 8th;
  • Rotario Dinner: "Red meat and wine" scheduled for September 3rd;
  • Board meeting after club meeting next week to consider new member;
  • Possible interclub event focused on fighting world hunger - details to follow;
  • Giovonni, our exchange student, is scheduled to arrive Bellingham on August 16th.
Bucks in the Bay
  • John Templeton - Exchange student and appreciation for Eddie Hanson handling Crab Feed;
  • Steve White - survived last weekend that included 51st high school class reunion and Brewers on the Bay;
  • Anna Williams - thanks to two bands that played Brewers on the Bay gratis – Nashville Northwest and Divas & Dudes; and food crew that feed some 1,500 people;
  • Andy Clay - thanks to brewers who donated three cases of beer to her nursing home;
  • Jim Haupt - bucks for missed meetings and Brewers on the Bay and pledge of $200 from Hotel Bellweather to cover food and lost sponsorship of Silver Reef; Hotel Bellweather rated #1 luxury hotel in the Northwest;
  • Harold "Scotty" Scott - Shout out to Eddie Hanson for Crab Feed and missing Brewers on the Bay to attend the 17th anniversary reunion of families that adopted children from Lithuania;
  • Terry Brown - Special thanks to Wendy, Steve Edquist And Curt Smith;
  • Eddie Hanson - Update on Crab Feed – about 40 people attended and paid $1,040 for tickets and costs were $1,041.  Low turnout due to shifting schedule;
  • Paul Tweet - brought home a puppy;
  • Stan Dyer - $100 for missing Brewers on the Bay;
Business Bucket by Glen Groenig
Credit to Jim Haupt for sponsorship from Hotel Bellweather
Bill Geyer final announcement – District 505 Golf Tournament and Dinner on August 7th at Whidbey Island Golf Club
Program – New member talks by Alan Artman and Wade Stringfield!
Respectfully submitted,
Alan Artman