Flag Salute & Invocation by Orphalee Smith


Visiting Rotarians: Andy Anderson (from the Big Club)


Guests:  Allan Stockbridge


BBRC board meeting will be THIS week Thursday Aug. 13th at 4:30 pm at at Barkley Company office.


New member application:  The BBRC board has approved the application of former member Allan Stockbridge.  Allan is a broker with Kulshan Commercial Investment Real Estate, and his sponsor is Stan Dyer.  Any comments or concerns can be addressed to Scotty or Bill Geyer.


Business Bucket:  Karen Burke says her organization, DVSAS, bought two more houses for her women's transitional housing, these will provide 16 beds.  Phil Hageman will be helping her look at the houses to determine the remodel work needed.


Bucks in the Bay

  • John Templeton for our incoming exchange student coming this weekend, we still need home hosts and volunteers;
  • Andy Clay;
  • Tim Krell back from trip to Eastern WA and MO to look at universities for his son;
  • Eddie Hansen ten days in Desolation Sound cruising with family;
  • Tresha Dutton shout out to Mike at Builder Alliance for all their help with her deck remodel project;
  • Jim Johnson for 25 years of marriage, heading soon to Montana then S Dakota then Minnesota visiting family;
  • Terry Brown back from 40th high school class reunion in Spokane;
  • Anna thanks Gordon and Robin for their AMAZING Rotario dinner!
  • Sarah Rothenbuhler also thanks the Plumes (and the Browns) for hosting the Rotario dinners, we could also have a Rotario winter/holiday dinner if anyone is interested to host;
  • Dannon had fun camping out on Olympic Peninsula with a couple other families with kids, then went to Sunkadia;
  • Bob Becker two week trip to Europe cruising the rivers there;
  • Mimi Ferlin 43 years of marriage to John;
  • Stan Dyer for 30th wedding anniversary, got married on the Queen Mary in LA;

Sergeant at Arms by Flo

Fines for convertibles, shorts, sunglasses, dyed hair, beards, and heels.



Bill Geyer introduced Todd Ellsworth (Exec Director) and April Claxton (Exec Manager)  from Recreation Northwest (RNW).  The mission: We promote outdoor recreation and bring people together to enjoy, preserve and improve the places where we play.  The primary strategies are Stewardship, Education and Fun.

  • The signature event is called The Traverse - a relay race that takes place each September
  • Kids Traverse
  • Northwest Northwest EXPO
  • Adventure Race
  • Kulshan Quest
  • Stewards of Fairhaven Park, volunteer work parties fixing trails there.

With the help of some local grants, RNW commissioned a study called ”Whatcom Recreation economy study” which evaluated and measured the effect of the recreation on the economy of Whatcom County.  April Claxton talked about the study and its key findings:  According to the study, Whatcom County is among the most active counties in WA for outdoor recreation.  In Whatcom Country recreation supports 279 businesses, 3700 jobs and $508M in revenue.  The hope is to do the study again in 5 years to see if this segment of the economy grew.  We want to promote ourselves as the “recreation capital of the Northwest”.  Their organization can be advocates with the local and federal government to open up and access all the resources of Whatcom County.  




Respectfully submitted, 

Stowe Talbot